Acne Removal

Our advanced pimple treatment is a gentle procedure that removes your blemishes from deep within your skin. Non-invasive energy safely boosts the cellular absorption of Vitamin A acid and Purifying Essence to gently clarify your pores for a more balanced complexion. The results are immediately apparent. You will soon achieve clear, blemish-free skin.

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Before and After Photos

At Geo Aesthetics, we have extensive knowledge and vast experience in pimple removal to provide you with your desired outcome. View before and after images to see the amazing results from other real people to have an idea of what you can expect.

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

How Acne Removal Works

Step 1

Excess sebum, dead skin cells and other contaminants in your pores can clog them and increase the risk of skin inflammation. These typically appear in the form of blackheads and pimples.

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Step 2

Our aesthetician first soothes your skin with Vitamin A Acid and Purifying Essence. The procedure uses non-invasive energy to deepen the absorption of this revitalising serum. This thoroughly cleanses your pores, rebalances sebum production and heals your active pimples.

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Step 3

Our procedure calms inflammation and shrinks your sebaceous glands, which works to prevent new blemishes. Your aesthetician also massages your skin for healthier lymphatic circulation.

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Step 4

Having alleviated your pimples and blackheads, you will enjoy a clearer complexion. Your skin’s texture will feel smoother and more supple.

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*These illustrations solely represent the procedures provided at Geo Aesthetics.

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Geo Aesthetics is a leading transformation centre in Singapore. We have been serving more than 25,000+ satisfied customers, ranging from online influencers to famous celebrities. Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers, our business partners as well as our employees. We are a top-class aesthetic care provider and a one-stop solution for all your skincare and aesthetic needs.

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Geo Aesthetics is honoured to be featured in many reputable and well-known publications in Singapore. They include The Straits Times, Mediacorp, Her World, Female, Women’s Weekly, Cleo, Elle and SPH. We are very proud to be recognised for our effective aesthetic procedures and exceptional customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this acne removal method clear my excess sebum?

Yes. Many individuals who have pimple-addled skin actually suffer from excess sebum. This overproduction of natural oils turns the skin into a hotbed for blackheads. Luckily, our non-invasive method gently expunges your pores of excess oil, dead skin cells and other residue.


2. Does this acne removal treatment help to close my oil pores?

Yes, it does! It nourishes your pores with renewing solutions that help to shrink your oil glands. This prevents new pimples that aggravate into more serious forms. The result is a healthy, well-balanced complexion.


3. Can this acne removal method tackle hormonal acne?

Yes, this treatment can help tackle the effects of hormonal breakouts.


4. Is this advanced acne removal more effective than home remedies?

Definitely. The multitude of home remedies out there are nowhere near as effective as our multi-action treatment. Our advanced approach is able to tackle the contaminants that are deeply lodged in your pores. What’s more, we do it in a way that is gentle without being abrasive to your skin.


5. What are the benefits of professional acne removal?

Firstly, our team of experts are trained to apply ultrasound waves safely, focusing only on your epidermal layers for significant results. Plus, the serum concoction helps improve the cell turnover to speed up the healing of your blemishes. Accelerating your skin’s regeneration helps to clear your old cells for younger growth. You will notice a more plump and uplifted complexion.


6. Will acne removal help prevent scarring?

Yes, our professional treatment can help prevent scarring. Acne scars develop due to the delayed treatment of your blemishes. Without proper care, pockmarks can form, significantly altering your skin’s texture. Treating your blackheads early means you can avoid unflattering scars. If you are suffering from post-pimple damage, do consider our advanced acne scar treatment that helps to remove pockmarks safely and effectively. You may wish to contact our specialists at GEO Aesthetics to schedule a consultation. Our experts will learn about your skin condition and provide excellent remedies to solve any issues.


7. Is this acne removal approach safe?

Yes, our blemish removal treatment is revolutionary for its safe, targeted use of ultrasound energy. The sound waves applied are low in energy and non-invasive, so there are no adverse side effects. This gentle technology is meant to deepen the infusion of the rejuvenating serums into your pores for better skin.


8. Who can go for this acne removal approach?

Our advanced yet gentle technique is suitable for most individuals. Do note however that you will need to opt out if you are pregnant. If you have any concerns, our experts will also do a check on your current skin condition and treatment history to fully determine your eligibility. Simply sign up for a consultation to discuss your options with us at Geo Aesthetics.


9. How long is one acne removal session?

One session of our effective procedure lasts around 30 minutes. Made for your convenience, the short duration allows you to slot in your session during your lunch hour or between other appointments. You will not need to worry about disrupting your busy calendar.


10. Is there downtime with this acne removal method?

Fortunately, there is no downtime with this approach. As our revolutionary method is completely non-invasive, this means no side effects and no need for recovery time. You will be able to jump back into your daily tasks with no delay.


11. What can I expect during the acne removal session?

You can expect a comfortable, relaxing experience. Simply sit back as the preparation steps help to prime your skin for the treatment. During the application of low-energy waves, you may feel a slight heat sensation. Not to worry, this sensation is painless. Your skin will feel refreshed by the end of the session.


12. When will I see visible results of acne removal?

You will start noticing visible results after your initial session.  This differs from person to person, and also depends on how severe your condition is at the start of your treatment. Check with a professional regarding your skin health to better understand your needs.


13. Why should I go for an acne removal session?

It is natural that after some time, your pores will once again have stubborn blockages that are susceptible to inflammation. A professional can help you manage your sebum production and keep your pores clear. Our deep serum infusion and non-invasive energy aids in soothing your skin for a flawless finish.


14. How do I care for my skin after acne removal?

First, get good sleep and eat healthily. An overall health boost will show up on your complexion. Next, keep your skin well-hydrated with regular moisturising. Most importantly, ask the professionals for tips to maintain your skin in its tip-top condition.

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