How Acne Scar Removal in Singapore Works

Step 1

When acne becomes inflamed, the surrounding healthy tissues usually get damaged or destroyed. If your body does not produce enough collagen to replace these damaged tissues, you will be left with depressed acne scars.

HIW_Acne Scar Removal_1


Step 2

We utilise the latest technology of acne scar removal in Singapore to deliver non-invasive energy onto your skin. Each treatment column effectively removes and gets rid of the pitted acne scars on your skin.

HIW_Acne Scar Removal_2


Step 3

The surrounding healthy tissues around each treated area remain intact and unaffected. Our acne scar removal in Singapore rapidly heal and close up the acne scars by stimulating the collagen. This results in a faster healing process and a shorter downtime than if all the surrounding tissues were to be exposed to the treatment.

HIW_Acne Scar Removal_3


Step 4

After the wounds are completely healed and closed up, you are now left with a levelled skin texture. The end result of your skin texture is smooth. After our acne scar removal in Singapore, you will not have to feel inferior and fearful of these uneven and ugly acne scars anymore. 

HIW_Acne Scar Removal_4

*These illustrations solely represent our acne scar removal in Singapore provided at Geo Aesthetics.