How Acne Treatment in Singapore Works

Step 1

Acne is formed when there is excessive oil production or dead skin cells on your skin surface. The clogged pores then get infected by acne bacteria which causes redness, swelling and inflammation. These pimples most commonly occur on face, neck, back, and chest.

HIW_Acne Removal_1


Step 2

Our revolutionary acne treatment in Singapore is able to shrink your oil glands, unclog your pores and kill acne bacteria. This acne treatment use non-invasive energy to reach deeper areas where products cannot to get rid of acne. This is the main reason why this treatment is more effective and faster than other methods.

HIW_Acne Removal_2


Step 3

Once the acne bacteria are killed and dead skin cells are removed, your inflamed pimples rapidly dry up and become smaller. The swelling and redness of your acne will continue to subside and diminish after our acne treatment in Singapore.

HIW_Acne Removal_3


Step 4

After the pimples are completely healed, you are now left with a clear and smooth skin complexion. With smaller oil glands underneath your skin, you are less likely to suffer from blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores in the future. After our acne treatment in Singapore, you will not have to feel inferior and fearful of these ugly acne anymore. 

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*These illustrations solely represent our acne treatment in Singapore provided at Geo Aesthetics.