13 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks For Date Night

Got a hot date coming up? Well, you’re in luck because we have over a couple of easy hacks to ensure that you stay happy, comfortable and glowing throughout the night. Feel free to try these beauty tricks before a girls night out too!


Sparkly Whites

Brighten up your smile! A week before date night, try using a high-quality whitening toothpaste to remove surface stains — make sure that you brush for at least two minutes at a time. To safeguard your teeth from further yellowing, use a straw whenever you are drinking coffee, tea or dark soda.

Another simple beauty trick is to wear lipsticks with blue undertones, which can make your teeth appear whiter. Opt for bright reds, cherry, plums, or shades with a silvery shimmer!


Smell Good All Night

Want to make your lovely perfume last till the end of the date? Simply swipe a small amount of petroleum jelly on your usual spritz areas such as your neck, back and wrists. The petroleum jelly will give your perfume something to cling to so that it can linger throughout the night. With that said, remember not to rub your wrists together! Contrary to popular belief, this technique may allow the top notes of your perfume to disappear faster and hence, your fragrance won’t last as long.


Zap Zits Away

If by a stroke of bad luck, you wake up with an uninvited guest on your face, do not panic. Instead, soak a cotton bud in eye drop solution and leave it in the freezer for an hour. Thereafter, gently rub it on your pimple. The eye drops and the coldness can work to constrict blood vessels to soothe irritation and reduce the redness of the pimple.

If you’re faced with a really stubborn zit and don’t have time for your usual breakout treatment, there is a quick fix! Dab a teeny amount of eyeshadow primer on top of your pimple to create a smooth surface before applying your foundation. A long-lasting primer can work better than a concealer, which tends to turn out flaky and rub off on an inflamed pimple.


Even Out Skin Tone

Some people may rely on beige or skin-coloured concealers only to ensure an even skin tone. However, a more effective to balance out your skin’s undertones before foundation and concealer application is to make use of colour correctors.

When it comes to colour correctors, you should use complementary or opposing shades to counteract your skin undertones. For instance, a lavender corrector will neutralise unflattering shadows under your eyes on tanned skin while a green corrector can reduce the appearance of pimples and blemish redness.


Use Cream Shadow

If you really want your eyes to pop, ditch the powder shadow and opt for rich, pigmented cream shadows instead. To make it last even longer, apply a thin layer of concealer or translucent powder on your eyelids before dabbing on your eyeshadow.


Smooth Lips

Our lips can hold on to plenty of dead skin, which may make our lips look dry and flaky. Before applying lipstick, make sure that you exfoliate your lips with a gentle lip scrub or brush them with a toothbrush to remove flakes.


Tame Baby Hair

You might find this simple trick particularly helpful if you plan to hold your hair in a ponytail, bun, or stylish updo. Clean up baby or stray hairs along your hairline and crown using a toothbrush that has been sprayed with aerosol hairspray. Be gone, flyaways!


Eliminate Stains

Accidentally stained your white dress with foundation or lipstick? Instead of furiously rubbing your dress with wet wipes, you can actually use shaving cream to get rid of the stain. Simply dampen the stain with some water and rub the shaving cream in using a cloth. Following that, just wipe the residue away with a damp cloth and repeat if necessary.


Lipstick That Stays

To ensure that your lipstick stays on longer, blot your lips after applying your lipstick, then apply a second coat. This technique can remove the excess oil on your lips from the first application and enable the second coat to grip it better and stay on.


Keep Oil At Bay

If your date night consists of dancing or you just have oily skin, blotting papers can help to minimise sweat and oil from accumulating on your face. As you might be aware, sweat and oil can cause your makeup to slip off!


De-Puff Eyes

Had trouble sleeping the night before your big date and woke up looking puffy-eyed and tired?  Your quick fix: freeze green tea bags and apply them to your under-eye puffiness for about six minutes.


Keep Skin Hydrated

You don’t want your skin to be dehydrated and produce excess oil. A simple method to lock in moisture is to spritz rose water on your face after applying moisturiser. This can also enable your foundation to glide on flawlessly.


Prevent Blisters

Don’t be afraid to rock sexy heels on your date night! Keep blisters at bay by applying deodorant to the heels and sides of your feet.