3 Essentials To Add To Your Wardrobe

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We get breakfast from the same eatery daily, drink a certain brew of coffee or tea for many years without fail and frequent similar shopping spots. The same applies when it comes to selecting clothes as well. Whether be it that chic little black dress that we have worn multiple times or a particular pair of jeans that hugs us in all the right places — there are a few outfits in our closet that we tend to don again and again. These default go-to clothing are exceptionally flattering on our bodies and make us feel like a million bucks. And more often than not, these apparel tend to be in the form of minimalist designs and cuts that can be easily matched with other pieces. In other words, they are what we would call ‘basics’ or ‘essentials’.

Serving as the foundation of a carefully crafted ensemble, basics are reliable pieces of clothing that you can count on to pull your entire look together. Unlike other trendy or statement items, these fashion essentials are timeless and versatile. They can be used for numerous occasions and some even possess multi-functional capabilities. Due to their adaptability, basics also help to facilitate your decision making process when choosing what to wear. Hence, this allows you to save time, effort and prevent unnecessary stress caused by a messy and cluttered wardrobe. Consequently, this then aids in reducing the possibility of developing acne outbreaks, dark eye circles and binge eating habits triggered by stress.

Most importantly, if you have a limited budget, fashion staples are a great way to maximise your expenditure while laying the groundwork for a variety of outfit choices. As such, the importance of having good basics in your closet is undeniable. However, the thing about fashion is that different designs, silhouettes and patterns work differently on people. An outfit that looks good on someone might not necessarily have the same effect on you. For instance, although a leather mini-skirt is a chic and stylish bottom that can be paired with several tops, it is not something that complements all body types. Flabby thighs, stretch marks and unsightly stubborn cellulite akin to the texture of an orange peel — these are all some of the possible problem areas that may be exposed when wearing a leather mini-skirt. Therefore, it’s essential to choose basics that fit your body frame well while hiding any imperfections that you may have.

Feeling confused about what to get amidst the diverse range of clothing choices available out there? Worry not as we have come up with 3 essentials that you should add to your wardrobe as below.


Classic Clothing Basics That Are A Must-Have

Does it seem like a constant struggle to find an outfit that accentuates your figure despite your best efforts? Or does nothing seem to look good on you even though you have tried on multiple outfits? Chances are that it’s because you are not taking your body shape into account. Depending on the style and cut of the clothing, it can either enhance your physical traits or come off as ill-fitting and unbecoming. Take choosing boyfriend jeans as an example. If you are plus sized and have a fuller figure, steer clear of loose and baggy cuts that may highlight the thick midriff or wide hips that you wish to hide. Whereas if you have a short stature, go for boyfriend jeans with a tailored cut to create an elongating effect.

Asides from that, before purchasing a specific wardrobe essential, picture how it would look like when paired with other clothes that you currently have. By envisioning the whole outfit, it will help to deter you from getting similar apparel as well as redundant items that don’t complement well with other clothing in your closet.

Alright, now that you are aware of the factors to consider when picking out various essentials to add to your collection, here are some pieces that we recommend buying:

High Waisted Tailored Shorts Or Bike Shorts

Possessing a combination of sophistication and style, high waisted tailored shorts are a great way to create the illusion of a longer lower body silhouette while concealing any unflattering bumps. Depending on your preference, they can be dressed up or down by pairing it with either a T-shirt or a blouse. However, if you feel self-conscious about any unattractive stretch marks or obvious dimpled cellulite on your thighs, why not substitute it with a pair of bike shorts instead? Cutting off just before the knees, it is a comfortable and athletic bottom that will give you some serious street cred. Play around with its streamlined structure by matching it with a baggy jumper or sweatshirt.

Long Sleeved Button-Down Shirt

An effortlessly versatile clothing piece that can be worn for different events and settings, the long-sleeved button-down shirt is something that you should have in your closet. If you intend to wear it for work, tuck it into a pair of slightly flared trousers. Whereas if you are going for a girls’ night out, try pairing it with a fitted pair of jeans and doing a french tuck, so that it looks more laid-back.

Ribbed Tank Top

Seemingly simple and understated, the beauty of a ribbed tank top is that it can be easily matched with numerous fashion apparel. In addition, it also serves as a complementing layer when donning sheer or translucent tops as well as a boxy blazer. Do note that if you are top heavy or have a muffin top, try to opt for those with a more relaxed fit so that these areas are not accentuated.