3 Mothers’ Day Gifts To Get

They are there whenever we need a shoulder to cry on, imparting us with life lessons and sagely words of advice for any problems that we are facing. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of and supporting the family financially—they juggle multiple responsibilities and commitments with grit and selflessness. As our pillar of support, they cheer us on as we strive to achieve our dreams but at the same time, are not afraid to show us some tough love by pointing out our shortcomings. Despite their propensity to chide and nag at us for forgetting to carry out an errand or for not doing something better, we know that they ultimately mean well. And yes, by them, we are referring to an important figure in our lives aka our mums.

Each year, as the month of May begins and the arrival of the ‘big day’ is imminent, we find ourselves filled with doubt and uncertainty. We fervently scour through various websites for prospective gifts while consulting our other family members. Or contemplate embarking on certain handicraft projects such as knitting or scrapbooking to show our utmost dedication and sincerity. Out of desperation, we sometimes directly ask our mothers about what gift they would like us to get, only to be greeted with vague answers such as ‘anything will do’ or ‘I don’t need a present’. And when you throw in having to cope with a limited budget into the mix, it makes things even more nerve-wracking. As a result, we feel significantly stressed out about finding a suitable present, thus increasing the amount of sebum levels in our skin. Coupled with grime and other impurities, the oil then accumulates, clogs and stretches out our pores, hence further increasing our pores’ visibility and bringing about unflattering, swollen blemishes.

Feeling defeated and running out of time to get a present, we eventually decide to select any random gift, praying that our mothers would like it. But alas, as predicted, the response to our gift isn’t as enthusiastic as we wanted it to be, thus effectively dampening our spirits.

Does this situation seem awfully familiar? If you are nodding in agreement, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your present searching process. Is your Mother’s Day gift less than satisfactory because you didn’t take all of your mother’s interests and needs into consideration? Or is due to the last minute rush to get anything because you simply forgot about it? Regardless of whatever reason it is, fret not as we have come up with a list of 3 potential Mother’s Day gifts that you can get, so as to facilitate your quest for an appropriate present.


Show Your Love For Your Mum With These Amazing Gifts

Rather than delving headfirst into the present searching process, you should make a list of the presents that you have recently given her in the past 3 – 4 years. This will help you to eliminate the possibility of getting a similar present. After which, write down all of your mother’s likes and preferences as well as the things that she might potentially need in the near future. For example, if she is an avid baker and loves trying new recipes, why not give her a cookbook? Whereas if she adores beauty products, consider giving her something that addresses her skin concerns. For instance, if she wishes to look younger and add some colour to her sallow, haggard-looking complexion, perhaps give her a peachy pink compact blush as a present.

In addition, if you are low on funds, keep a lookout for any promotional deals that might be offered one or two months before Mother’s Day. Prices of certain items like flower bouquets tend to increase when the date gets nearer, so try to reserve them earlier.

Most importantly, whenever you feel anxious and overwhelmed, breathe deeply and take a short break from the present searching process. Stress not only takes a toll on our mental health but manifests in our appearance as well, so try to minimise it to decrease the possibility of blocked pores and breakouts. In addition, remember to stick to your usual skincare routine like exfoliating to shed the layer of dead skin cells and dirt on your face, so that your pesky enlarged pores appear less visible.

In light of that, to take the stress out of the present buying equation, here are some Mother’s Day gifts you can get:

Face Masks Set

Treat your mother by giving her a set of face masks that she can make use of to pamper and rejuvenate her tired skin after a long day. For the busy working mum, opt to give her a box of different facial sheet masks with varying properties that she can easily apply and discard whenever needed. Whereas if your mother has flaky and dull skin, consider getting a gel based face mask as a present. Remember, always take her skin type into account when selecting a face mask set for the best results.

Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

Ensure that your mum has a good night’s sleep by rewarding her with a satin or silk pillowcase. Soft and silky, the satin or silk pillowcase will help your mother to stay cool and sleep comfortably throughout the night as well as reduce the likelihood of sleep lines and wrinkles from forming.

A Leather Tote Bag

Between having to prepare meals and fulfilling various other commitments, most mums hardly have any time to accessorise. So, why not get your mum a durable and classic leather tote bag that works well in both a formal and casual setting? She can use it to put her groceries or documents for that big work meeting.