3 Spicy Foods You Should Eat

Fortunately for anyone who loves spice and spicy food, science is in your favour to have you enjoy every mouthful of them in your daily meals. The key here is to consume the right type of spicy food that can actually help you achieve a boost in health, and not just blindly slathering hot sauce over everything. Though spicy foods can be of great benefit to your health, it cannot undo any bad eating habits, so don’t go gorging on fried chicken with sriracha sauce and expect the best results for a healthier you. Read on the find out 5 spicy foods that you should eat and include them to your diet today.


Why Spicy Food?

So what benefits does spicy food have to offer that you should not be fighting the urge to eat them whenever you feel like it? Well, firstly, spicy food can speed up your metabolism. This is great news for the lazy or busy weight watchers who are finding ways to burn fat without making too much effort. Secondly, spices and many spicy ingredients can combat inflammation in your body and can help with a range of conditions like headaches and nausea. They also encompass an array of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that can help to keep harmful bacteria off. And then there is the thermogenic substance, Capsaicin, which can temporarily raise your body temperature and give a kick to your metabolism to rev up its ability to burn calories. Besides that, capsaicin can also help in decreasing appetite, increase satiety of the meal and also curb cravings.



Korean food lovers rejoice! Making its way up on the list is the popular kimchi with promising benefits of improving cardiovascular health and digestive system. This powerhouse of antioxidants can help heal your body, help you attain younger looking skin and forestall obesity, atopic dermatitis and gastric ulcers. Kimchi contains flavonoid and probiotic enzymes (due to its fermentation and pickling process) which are great for regulating cholesterol levels and boost your immune system.

Kimchi is low in calorie, high in fibre, and nutrient-packed. Being a dish that packs a range of vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B2, C, amino acids and minerals such as iron, calcium and selenium makes it a wonderful ingredient to include in one’s daily diet, apart from just winning your tastebuds with its delectable spicy and tangy flavour.

If you enjoy eating kimchi in a small portion daily, you get to gain detoxifying qualities that can rid toxins and waste from your body, boosting better gut health. In turn, it can also help improve digestion, reduce the chances of constipation and assist in better absorption of nutrients in your body. The healthy lactobacillus bacteria found in kimchi can be of great help in controlling your appetite. Working hand in hand with the high fibre content, eating kimchi during a meal can keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time after it. Hence, potentially reducing cravings that you may have or the urge to ransack the snack cabinet between meals, and thus, promoting weight loss.


Bird’s Eye Chilli

A powerhouse for capsaicin, bird’s eye chilli can help in stimulating the action of the stomach and accelerate the movement in the intestinal tracts, thus improving digestion. It was used as a remedy to lower cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure and increase appetites, traditionally.  With the high amounts of vitamin A, C, E, beta-carotene, folic acid and potassium, consuming this fruit can bring you better vision in dimly lit environments, faster healing of any minor cuts or wounds, younger looking skin, reduce chances of brain fog and boost weight loss.

If you are one who cannot take extremely spicy food, the bird’s eye chilli may not be the thing for you as it is ranked as the fifth spiciest chilli in the world with a reading of 50,000–100,000 Scoville heat units! So approach with caution if you insist to give it a go. We would suggest for you to rid all the seeds in them and start with a few slices in soup or as a dip to get used to the spiciness first. Baby steps here. Besides, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.



Ginger is one of the healthiest spices that you can find that is loaded with bioactive compounds and nutrients to nourish your body and brain. Ginger contains gingerol which has many wonderful medicinal properties. Be it to reduce nausea, aid digestion, slay the common cold and flu or even to rid unwanted gases that are trapped in your body, ginger is purported to be the cure to many ailments. It has also been used as a relief for muscle soreness and pains.

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties can help decelerate the degeneration of the joints in the body, leading to symptoms like joint pain, stiffness and forestall osteoarthritis.