3 Unique Concert Makeup Looks To Try

After days of calculated planning, scrimping and saving, you have finally managed to secure tickets to see your favourite singer or band. You anxiously list out the various things that you have to do before that eventful day such as coming up with a suitable outfit, getting a haircut and booking a manicure session. After all, what better way to reward yourself after surviving that nerve-wracking ticketing process? In addition, it’s also an occasion to let your hair loose and look good amidst like-minded fans and the celebrities that you idolise.

Coupled with the flurry of preparations to obtain limited edition concert merchandise on that day, queuing up for snacks and drinks as well as bringing along all the necessary items that will tide you through the concert like a pair of binoculars — it’s no surprise that we often end up neglecting one aspect of our appearance, namely, the type of makeup that we will be wearing.

Due to lack of time and a deep-rooted fear of messing up, most of us usually resort to tried and tested makeup looks. Whether be it an upwards cat-eye flick or pale pink blush, we tend to keep our overall makeup simple and feel hesitant about deviating from the norm. But the thing is — like parties, concerts are the perfect opportunity for us to experiment with different makeup looks. Depending on your individual preference, music genre, vibe and atmosphere of the concert, you can come up with a makeup look that showcases your charms while concealing any flaws like inflamed blemishes or deep-set acne scars.

Plus, the right makeup can also complement the outfit that you have chosen too, thus enhancing your overall appearance and look. Therefore, it’s worth to put in some thought about what kind of makeup you would like to put on for the concert while weighing it against various factors that may affect its feasibility so that you are able to look flawlessly put together.

New to the world of makeup or currently experiencing a makeup rut, thus leaving you with no idea about what look to experiment with? If so, fret not as we have come up with 3 unique concert makeup looks for you to try as below.


Wow Everyone With These Electrifying Concert Makeup Looks

As mentioned, when brainstorming about your ideal concert makeup look, one important thing to keep in mind is its viability. While concerts are a great way to show off innovative or vibrant makeup looks, you also don’t want to apply makeup that is difficult to maintain or prone to smudging. As such, it’s always best to try out these makeup looks beforehand in varying conditions such as sunny weather or chilly temperatures and see if they are able to hold up against these variables.

In addition, when it comes to makeup, always make sure to lay out the necessary groundwork by thoroughly preparing your face beforehand with various skincare products. This includes exfoliating a few days prior to the concert to make your complexion appear less dull as well as putting on moisturiser to facilitate the seamless application of makeup.

Asides from that, to ensure that your makeup stays in place throughout the concert, spritz on some setting spray. Also, opt for makeup products with water resistant and budge-proof formulations so as to reduce the probability of your makeup running due to sweat or heat. For those with oily, acne-prone skin, using primers or matte based makeup products can help to minimise the amount of shine visible on your face. However, if you have narrow and indented acne scars, you may want to steer clear of using thick, heavy coverage matte foundations. This is because the rich foundation will sink into your pores, thus unintentionally accentuating any existing acne scars.

Now that you have some knowledge about the pre-makeup preparations that have to be done and the various factors to consider when applying it, let us move onto the amazing concert makeup looks that you can experiment with. Here they are:

Electro Disco

Go big and bold with loud, vibrant colours such as tangerine or buttercup yellow to achieve a makeup look that is sure to turn heads. Depending on your preference, you can either choose to apply bright citrus coloured eyeshadows on your eyelids or line the inner corners of your eyes with a yellow based eyeliner. Then make sure to keep the rest of your look simple by opting for a nude lipstick and applying a medium coverage foundation that can sufficiently conceal any imperfections like inflamed zits or sunken acne scars that you may have.

Metallic Punk

All revved up to see your favourite band jamming out on their instruments? Unleash your wild side by donning this edgy, metallic makeup look. Simply swipe on some midnight blue or navy eyeshadow with a metallic shimmer onto your lids before lining it with black eyeliner. To complete the look, go for a dark, matte lipstick with a plum or mulberry hue. If you have a fair complexion, you can also try out more intense lipstick shades like wine.

Bubblegum Pop

Channel your inner pop princess by playing with various shades of pink like rose and flamingo. Dust some pink-hued blush onto the apple of your cheeks and keep your eye makeup subtle with a simple dark brown eyeliner and mascara combination. Alternatively, you can also consider applying some champagne-hued highlighter along your cheekbones to add a luminous, natural-looking glow to your face. But if you have any existing acne scars around that area, try to avoid doing so as it may accentuate them. Instead, just stick to using the blush.