3 Ways To Keep Your Skin Taut

There are some things in life that naturally occur with the passage of time — the formation of pesky grey hairs, reduced ability to remember things on our grocery list and our steadily growing love for dipping foods into our cups of tea or coffee. Jokes aside: ageing is a natural and unavoidable process whereby most of us would gladly love to put off for as long as possible. Sagging skin, frown lines, age spots and deep-set wrinkles — the toll that ageing takes on our skin is painfully evident and substantial.

As such, we spare no effort in trying out new skincare products or techniques to prevent our fleeting youth from slipping out of our fingers. Some of us even strap our faces into questionable compression contraptions, in hope of whipping our loose skin back into shape. On the other hand, there are also some happy-go-lucky individuals who remain unruffled about the prospect of looking older and embrace ageing with open arms.

But the thing is — regardless of whether you are a concerned beauty enthusiast or a carefree optimist, one thing remains the same and that is the effects of ageing are inevitable. As we get older, there is a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin being produced. Coupled with other external factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, smog and other air pollutants, it’s no surprise that there is a reduction in the current elastin and collagen stores in our bodies, thus resulting in wrinkly, droopy skin and age spots. Asides from that, other lifestyle choices or habits like insufficient sleep, overconsumption of alcohol and smoking can also speed up the process of ageing, hence adding years to our overall appearance.

If you are reading all of these with a heavy heart and feel hapless about coping with the visible signs of ageing that are appearing on your face and body, fret not. With the right know-how and skincare regimen, you just might be able to slow down and minimise the effects of ageing on our skin. With that in mind, let us share with you 5 ways that can help to keep your skin taut, supple and rejuvenated as below.


The Secret To Achieving Tight And Supple Skin

Rather than taking a blind stab in the dark and randomly incorporating all sorts of anti-ageing skincare products into your everyday skincare routine — it’s much more effective to list down the various skincare concerns that you wish to address as well as the desired results to achieve. In addition, make sure to take your skin type into consideration as well. This is because the efficacy of your skincare regimen ultimately lies in its suitability with your skin type and this applies to anti-ageing products as well.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin, watch out for overly harsh and strong anti-ageing skincare products that can aggravate your skin, causing it to become red and flaky. As for those with oily skin, excessive use of certain anti-ageing products may trigger acne flare-ups due to their thick, rich content so make sure to invest in those that are formulated for your skin type.

Asides from that, you also need to consider your age when using these products. If you are relatively young and less than thirty, try to stay away from heavy duty anti-ageing products as they might not the best fit for your current skin condition. But of course, for the best results, it’s always best to consider consulting a dermatologist or aesthetician on the ideal course of treatment for your unflattering droopy and wrinkled skin, sunspots or other mature skin related issues.

However, in the meantime, there are also some ways that you can try to help to maintain the tightness and bounciness of your skin. Here they are:

Apply Moisturiser Everyday Without Fail

Other than preventing your skin from being dried out by any harsh cleansing products and facilitating seamless makeup application, a moisturiser is also a must-have in an anti-ageing regimen. This is because it can aid in safeguarding the skin against surrounding pollutants, dirt and impurities as well as lock in moisture within it. In addition, wrinkles and fine lines tend to look more noticeable on dry skin, therefore making that it’s well hydrated is imperative.At the same time, moisturiser also helps to lessen the impact of free radical cell damage on our skin, thus helping to slightly decrease the possibility of saggy skin.

Always Slather On Sunscreen

It seems like a no brainer but making sure to put on sunscreen regularly is a good way to keep those unattractive wrinkles, fine lines, sunspots and loose skin at bay. As mentioned earlier, harmful UV rays can cause the existing amounts of collagen and elastin in our skin to decrease, hence making our skin become wrinkly and pruney. As such, make sure to load up on sunscreen and regularly re-apply it every 2 to 3 hours on all exposed areas for maximum protection.

Consider Including Retinols Into Your Skincare Routine

An ingredient that is commonly found in many anti-ageing skincare products, retinols can aid in inducing the formation of collagen in the skin, thus helping to keep it supple and taut. However, be sure to only apply retinol at night as it can bring about photosensitivity in certain individuals. This means they will have an increased probability of developing red, irritated skin or getting a sunburn, which is all the more reason to slather on that SPF.