3 Ways You Can Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Osmanthus

Osmanthus remains one of the most popular teas in China thanks to its fruity and sweet profile that many enjoy. Because of globalisation, we have been fortunate enough to be able to sample osmanthus tea on a regular basis. But did you know there are actually many other ways that you can experience the many health benefits of osmanthus?


What Are Osmanthus?

When we talk about osmanthus, we are actually talking about the flowers that come from the evergreen tree that is native to China. When they are in full bloom in the middle of autumn, they emerge as tiny golden-yellow flowers that are gorgeous to look at especially when they drift to the breeze of the wind onto the floor. It has been found that the flowers of the osmanthus trees contain many rich elements that are beneficial to our health like selenium, cobalt and manganese that our body requires to function well. That is why the osmanthus flower is so revered and is harvested regularly to meet the demands of the world for this sweet-smelling flower.


How You Can Enjoy Osmanthus

There are namely three ways in which you can enjoy osmanthus for their many health benefits. First, you can brew them as a tea and it is not uncommon to see them served in many Chinese restaurants as one of the premium teas you can opt for. To enjoy osmanthus tea, you have to purchase dried osmanthus flowers from a Chinese dispensary in Singapore and throw in a teaspoon of it into a teacup. Add in boiling water and cover your teacup with a lid for two minutes to let all the flavour seep into the water. As a nice finishing touch, add on some honey to your desired sweetness and enjoy the soothing and sweet taste of osmanthus tea.

Another popular way of enjoying osmanthus is by including them into your desserts. Its sweet and floral taste is very desired and this actually works to the benefit of dessert lovers who have put them into jellies and even into rice cakes. If you are looking to make one of these traditional sweets, you can run a Google search but the gist of it is to combine sugar, osmanthus and glutinous rice flour before steaming it over a hot fire for a lovely sweet treat that is infused with the fragrant scent of osmanthus.

Lastly, another way you can enjoy osmanthus is by introducing them into your skincare regime. Because of how they are believed to help with attaining beauty skin, osmanthus has regularly been infused into moisturisers and toners to provide a mild solution even for those with sensitive skin. Enjoy making your own unique blend of facial mask or moisturiser, include osmanthus in it for a lovely boost to your skin.


Benefits Of Osmanthus

Understandably, even after our spiel on how you can enjoy osmanthus, you might still question what osmanthus flowers can do for you. What we have done is to break down the health benefits of osmanthus for you in an easy to read format.

Helps With Weight Loss

Studies have been done that highlight how osmanthus has what it takes to help suppress your appetite by slowing down the chemical activity in your brain that informs you of your hunger. Having troubles suppressing your appetite and falling weak to the allure of snacks in the office or at home? A healthy dose of osmanthus tea could certainly help with that and keep your calorie intake to a down low. This would mean that you can put a stop to all those drastic measures to lose weight like fad diets.

Take Away Your Stress

Our daily lives are often filled with stressful encounters and that could mean our mental health often takes a beating. Thankfully, osmanthus is found to be one of those things that would ease the stress away from your life. Because of the B vitamins in osmanthus (in particular the vitamin B3 called niacin), it helps our brain with balancing the chemical levels in our brain to keep our stress levels at a comfortable range and for us to manage external stressors better and wiser. On a molecular level, osmanthus flowers have also been found to contain those properties that help with bringing down oxidative stress in our body.

Puts A Stop To Insomnia

Having troubles with sleep? A good reason why we feel so exhausted in the mornings could be our lack of sleep and that might be because of insomnia. Not only does a lack of sleep affect our mental clarity, it actually affects our health and the way our body functions each day. From what we know, osmanthus tea has been pinpointed as a great way to counter the effects of insomnia. Unlike other teas like green tea which contains caffeine, osmanthus tea is a great way to cap off the night and help you get ready for bed. When brewed as a tea, the mild sedative properties would be what would help us take our mind off things and give us a moment of calmness before we slowly climb into bed for sleep.