4 Beauty Myths To Put To Rest

Whenever we are in doubt, our default instinct is to trawl the internet for information. Not sure about which shade of lipstick best matches our skin tone? We browse through beauty websites for suggestions on the best-recommended shades. Uncertain about how to get rid of the stubborn blackheads on our nose? We do a quick search online for tips on blackhead extraction.

But the thing is — despite the abundance of information readily accessible at our fingertips, there is no guarantee about the credibility of it. As a result, we often end up believing in various claims that are deemed as the ‘truth’ due to their widespread popularity. Sometimes, this then backfires on us, leaving behind numerous undesirable consequences on our skin, body or overall health.

Take the misconception about how sunscreen can still be used even if it is past its expiry date as an example. Convinced that it won’t be of much harm, we slather on the expired sunscreen and head outdoors. Only to be greeted with a nasty sunburn hours later. This is because sunscreen becomes less effective at protecting your skin from damaging UV rays once it is past its shelf life, thus increasing your likelihood of developing a sunburn or skin irritation. And if used for extended periods of time, it can raise your chances of getting unsightly wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

Another common beauty myth would be about how we have to regularly shave our underarms as excessive hair in the area will lead to body odour. Contrary to belief, the pungent smell actually comes from a mixture of bacteria and sweat lingering on the skin of your underarms rather than from the armpit hairs. Therefore, even if you constantly keep your underarms clean-shaven, it does guarantee that you will not have a body odour.

Feeling shocked by some of these beauty-related misconceptions? Or are you still feeling sceptical about them? To address this and further clarify your doubts, we have compiled a list of 6 major beauty myths that should be put at rest along with the corresponding truths behind them as below.


Distinguishing Between Beauty Facts And Untruths

As each person is different, it’s natural to have varying skincare, makeup or grooming routines. Coupled with the fact that we have different skin types, what may be effective for an individual, might not be the same for another. Therefore, for maximum efficacy, you are advised to consult a dermatologist or aesthetician and take skincare or grooming related tips and hacks with a pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, it’s good to be acquainted with some of the common misconceptions about various beauty practices, so that you can disregard them. With that in mind, here are a few beauty myths to stop believing:

Toothpaste Can Help To Banish Your Zits

You have probably heard about the wonders of using toothpaste to deal with blemishes, whether be it from your aunt or via the internet. Believed to be a quick fix to irksome pimples, toothpaste allegedly aids in reducing the swelling and making them smaller. However, the ingredients in toothpaste that facilitate this effect are also the same ones that can bring about numerous skin issues. Hydrogen peroxide and menthol can be very harsh on the skin, thus aggravating it and causing it to become flaky and red. Asides from that, if you have acne-prone skin, chances are that using toothpaste on your blemishes may exacerbate them and give rise to more pimples forming. This is due to its drying effect which promotes increased sebum production, subsequently clogging pores and the formation of new zits. So, the next time that you have a tiresome zit that you want to get rid of, use a dedicated anti-acne spot treatment instead.

Shaving Causes Bushy And Dark Hair Growth

Told as a cautionary tale among many — we are repeatedly warned against shaving our body parts too frequently, for fear that it will cause the new hairs to become darker and bushier. But this is not actually true, as the act of shaving just snips off our hairs and makes them shorter. Coarse and dull-looking hairs are usually the end result, thus letting people have the misconception that their hair has become thicker. In fact, what excessive shaving can bring about is the darkening of the skin. This is especially so within areas that we regularly shave such as our armpits. When we shave our armpits, we might sometimes accidentally nick our skin, thus resulting in tiny wounds and cuts. Coupled with the constant scraping motion, this might then cause the skin to become inflamed and spur it to produce more melanin. As such, this increases the probability of getting unattractive discoloured underarms.

Yanking Out One Grey Hair Will Result In Multiple Ones Being Formed

Since young, we were told not to pull out our grey hairs as it will bring about a snowball effect of multiple grey hairs being formed. But this is nowhere near the truth, as yanking out a strand of grey hair doesn’t affect the other hairs growing around it. The only issue with pulling out grey hairs is that you might accidentally hurt your hair follicle in the process.

Cold Water Can Close Up Large Pores

A popular beauty myth that numerous people abide by would be to regularly wash their faces with cold water as a way to combat enlarged pores. However, that is a misguided notion as cold water simply reduces blood flow to your face, thus resulting in the appearance of a more even skin tone and smaller looking pores. In no way does it shrink your pores and the effect is only temporary.