4 Benefits Of Neem Oil For Your Skin

Popular in India, neem oil is derived from the neem tree, or what is commonly understood to be the Indian lilac. Leaf through the pages of the history books and you would discover how neem oil has an extensive history of being used as a remedy for many conditions of the human body. Something that you probably wouldn’t know about neem oil without physically encountering it is its scent. Its harsh odour might just turn you away but because of its rich content of fatty acids and other nutrients our body relies on, it has found its way into a lot of our beauty products like body lotions and in moisturising creams. To uncover the reason for its popularity in the beauty industry, it is important to understand what are the precise benefits that neem oil could bring to our skin. Read on to find out more.


What Is Neem Oil?

As a tree native to India, the neem tree produces fruits and seeds that are subsequently used in the production of neem oil. Because of the ease of extracting neem oil, most families have gone to the extent of planting and nurturing neem trees in their garden for their own personal use as lotions, insecticides, hair products and even as medicine. What is extracted at the end is an oil that can range across various colours, some might notice it as a greenish brown to differing shades of red, but what everyone can agree on is the pungent sulfur-like odour that emanates from the oil. As with everything that has a negative, neem oil has its positives and it is translated into the many ingredients in it that benefits our mind and body. Some of the ingredients in neem oil are the ones that we commonly know like vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenoids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and the compound of azadirachtin. Because of the combination of ingredients, neem oil has been found to be a strong antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product that is a necessity in the home.


Benefits Of Neem Oil

If we were to list down all the benefits of neem oil, we would be better off writing a book. Neem oil used to be known as the “village pharmacy” by the Indian community because of how the extract from a single tree could be used to solve so many medical problems that we regularly face. At the moment, neem oil is no longer as commonly used to treat sickness due to the rise in popularity of western medicine but it is still an ingredient that is common in skin and hair care products. With an emphasis on skincare, read on to find out how neem oil could benefit you.

Heal Your Wounds

In a scientific study done, it was found that neem oil was evidenced to have positive effects on the healing process of post-surgical wounds. Because of that, it has opened avenues for skincare companies to explore its use as a way to treat marks caused by acne. What neem oil can do is to speed up the healing process and it could be useful in treating those pimple scars or even stretch marks over your body.

Protect Against The Sun

When we leave our exposed skin to the devices of the harsh ultraviolet rays from thehttps://www.geoaesthetics.sg/pages/how-to-remove-pimple-scars/ sun, you can expect our skin to show signs of inflammation and damage. Considering how these UV rays can penetrate deep into the layers of our skin and inflict harm on our delicate layer of collagen under our skin, we would start seeing those signs of ageing appearing on our skin. Because of how neem oil has anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic action, it would help skim the redness off your skin after a day out in the sun. Your skin would also be protected from further damage as well since the natural antioxidants in neem oil would help fight off the free radicals and shield the skin from harm.

Shuts Out Acne

Unlike the face creams that can be found in our drugstores, neem oil is an all-natural alternative to rid your skin of acne. Hear us out! It has no chemicals that might cause irritation and dryness to our skin and within neem oil are antibacterial properties that stop bacteria from running free on the surface of our skin and pores. The redness and swelling that typically accompanies acne would also be treated since neem oil is also anti-inflammatory. As a final note, the rich vitamin E in neem oil would help to undo the damage caused by acne and return your skin to its youthful condition.

Ease Skin Pigmentation

When our skin produces an overload of melanin, it may appear on our skin as pigmentation. What neem oil can do for us to help lighten those dark spots is through the controlled regulation of melanin secretion by our skin and this would bring us an even and fair skin tone for our face and neck. How you can do that is by dabbing neem oil-soaked cotton balls onto the pigmented areas of the skin and wait and see the difference!