4 Hacks For A Sparkling Clean Bedroom

In an ideal world, our homes would be spick and span — each item placed in their rightful place, with some of them even alphabetised or colour coordinated. The floors would be pristine and our sheets freshly laundered.

Sadly, reality couldn’t be further than that. Many times, we accidentally stub our toes against the coffee table surrounded by overflowing stacks of papers. Or come across a layer of dust that has accumulated on the window blinds when we try to raise it. The thing is — with our hectic schedules and numerous commitments, cleaning is usually the last thing on our minds.

As such, our homes tend to fall into disarray, with grime and dust bunnies lurking in various corners. Sometimes, we even have trouble locating the items that we need, resulting in a frantic scramble. To make things worse, we are suddenly plagued with a massive breakout that doesn’t seem to go away despite the anti-acne treatment products used.

Feeling annoyed and exhausted, we head to our bedrooms, only to be confronted with musty smelling bed sheets. In an attempt to freshen up the room, we change our sheets and inadvertently catch a glimpse of dust lining the headboard. Thus, this spurs us to clean the headboard and before we know it — we are knee-deep into a large scale spring-cleaning of our bedroom. Unfortunately, in spite of all the cleaning, the mess and filth don’t seem to subside, causing us to feel disheartened.

Sounds too familiar and relatable? If so, fret not as we might just have the solution to your cleaning crisis. Contrary to perception, keeping your home consistently spotless isn’t as difficult as it seems. For the sake of specificity, we will be focusing on cleaning the bedroom. As such, here are 4 hacks for a sparkling clean bedroom as below.


How To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Although cleaning might seem like a hassle, it’s imperative that you do it on a regular basis to prevent clutter and dirt from accumulating. One way to achieve this would be to allocate 5 minutes of your time every day to tidy up a certain section of the house or room. Also, try to reframe your perspective by treating cleaning as a leisurely activity that gets your body moving rather than a necessary evil to maintaining orderliness at your house.

Alright, now that you are aware of the importance of cleaning consistently, make sure that you have a trash bag, basket, feather duster, vacuum cleaner, old toothbrush, cloth, vinegar and glass cleaning solution. Once you have everything, it’s time to start cleaning. Here’s how:

Clear All Stray Items & Mop The Floor

Pick up all the stray items lying on the floor and place them into a basket for re-sorting later. Asides from that, this is also a good chance to get rid of any other items that you don’t use anymore. Toss these items into the rubbish bag. Then, start working on the floor. If your bedroom has hardwood or laminated flooring, use the vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt, pet dander or dust bunnies then follow up by giving it a quick mop. As hardwood floors can get damaged if exposed to a lot of water, speed is of the essence when mopping. Whereas if it’s a carpeted floor, get rid of any existing stains or funky smells by scattering baking soda onto it. Then clear it up by vacuuming it.

Change Your Bedsheets & Curtains Regularly

You might not be aware of it but curtains are one of the biggest sources of dust in a bedroom. As such, prolonged periods of not washing or cleaning curtains can exacerbate certain health conditions like asthma or trigger allergic reactions. Sneezing, sniffling and itchy eyes — these are some symptoms of a dust allergy. At times, the dust may even cause your nose to become clogged up with mucus, resulting in fluid and blood accumulating underneath your eyes. This then exacerbates your dark eye circles. Asides from that, not regularly changing your bedsheets, especially your pillowcase can bring about an onset of acne outbreaks. This is because grime, oil and bacteria from your face are transferred to your pillowcase and sheets when you sleep. So, if you leave them unchanged for a long time, you are exposing your face to various elements that will block your pores, resulting in many angry swollen zits. Therefore, be sure to change your bedsheets and curtains on a regular basis. But do note that certain curtain materials like linen might need to be dry cleaned.

Dust Headboard & Air-Conditioner With An Extendable Feather Duster

Use an extendable feather duster to get rid of any dust lingering on your headboard, ceiling area, top and sides of your air-conditioner and fan. The trick to using an extendable feather duster would be to use it in a windshield wiping motion whereby you gather the dust from one corner and swipe it towards the rubbish bag. In addition, you can also use an old toothbrush to clean any hard to reach crevices, cracks or corners of your wardrobe and bedroom.

Wipe Your Windows & Other Surfaces With Vinegar And Water

Dip a cleaning cloth into some detergent before wringing it dry. Then swipe it across various surfaces of your room such as your vanity table or furniture. If you have windows in your bedroom, get them sparkling clean by wiping it with a cloth and a mixture of vinegar and water. Alternatively, you can also use some glass cleaning solution. Then add an extra shine to the window by rubbing it with some newspaper after wiping it dry.