4 Makeup Tips For A Poreless Look

Oily and enlarged pores can be a huge turn off when you are in the midst of a date or on an outing with friends. Instead of enjoying yourself, you find yourself frantically patting your face with oil blotting papers or applying more powder to conceal your pores. Unfortunately, your pores don’t just vanish after doing that. Hence, it’s no surprise that they can add to your insecurities and self-consciousness.

Not to mention that pore size is determined by numerous factors such as age, sun exposure, genetics and skin type, some of which cannot be fully controlled. For example, large pores can become more obvious as you grow older. This is because age affects the suppleness and firmness of skin, hence accentuating the size of your pores.

Thankfully, with the right skincare, makeup techniques and knowledge, there might just be a way to get around this and make your pores less visible. Through the power of makeup, you no longer have to worry about your enlarged pores sticking out like a sore thumb while possessing a seemingly ‘airbrushed’ complexion akin to models in a catalogue.

As such, let us share with you 4 makeup tips for a poreless look as below.


Enjoy A ‘Pore-fect’ Complexion Through Makeup

Before you start applying makeup, it’s essential to lay the groundwork for seamless makeup application by cleansing and exfoliating your face beforehand. Cleansing will help to get rid of any grime, impurities and germs on your face while simultaneously preparing your skin for the other oncoming skincare and makeup steps. Whereas exfoliating can aid in removing the layer of dead skin cells, oil and dirt build-up in your pores, making your skin smooth and glowy. However, try not to exfoliate too frequently within a short time span as it can backfire and cause your skin to become red and irritated, thus emphasizing your pore size.

After which, make sure to follow up by applying a moisturiser to soothe and lock in the moisture into your skin. Now that all these skincare steps have been carried out, let us proceed to how we can use makeup to conceal our unflattering pores:

Apply Primer

The right primer can do wonders for your skin by filling in your enlarged pores, mattify and create the illusion of soft and silky skin. Some primers even have colour-correcting capabilities, hence allowing for a more even skin tone. For instance, if you are prone to flushing, you can use a green based primer to bring down the redness. Whereas if you have dull and haggard looking skin, you can add a pop of colour by using a pink based primer. In addition, the primer also acts as a base for the other makeup products in your routine such as foundation and facilitates their easy application thereafter. When applying primer, you are advised to use your fingers instead of a brush, because it allows for easier control and application. This is especially so if you are a makeup newbie. Gently pat a small amount of primer all over your face and pay extra attention to your nose and forehead as these are the areas that tend to secrete the most oil, hence accentuating your pores. Also, make sure not to apply too much force when applying as it can cause your face to look uneven and streaky.

Choose A Matte-Based Or Powder-Based Foundation

Select a foundation with a matte and lightweight formula that can easily glide onto your skin without making it look greasy. At the same time, matte-based foundations can help to make those irksome large facial pores less visible looking while hiding any skin imperfections. However, do note that if you have dry or mature skin, you are advised to opt for powder-based foundations instead, which are less drying but still provide ample coverage to conceal your large pores. If you are using a liquid, matte-based foundation, use a stippling foundation brush to lightly spread and blend the product into the skin so that it doesn’t end up too cakey. Whereas if you intend to use the powder-based foundation, a kabuki brush or powder puff would be the perfect choice as it can facilitate a more even finish and prevent clumpy patches of powder clinging onto your skin.

Apply Concealer

Dab concealer onto any blemishes, dark spots or other areas that you wish to conceal. Make sure to use a small amount of concealer on each area and don’t vigorously rub it in your skin. For a maximum poreless-like look, you can even consider investing in a concealer brush with a blurring effect that will help in creating a smooth and flawless complexion.

Use A Setting Spray Or Setting Powder

To keep your makeup perfectly in place and prevent it from smudging even after long hours, finish off your makeup routine with a setting spray or setting powder. If you have oily skin, you are advised to get a mattifying setting powder that can minimise the shine from your skin while hiding your pores. Whereas if you have dry skin, consider using a setting spray with a hydrating formula so that your skin looks fresh and radiant.