4 Scrubs To Pamper Your Weary Feet

Each night, we spend close to half an hour retaining that gorgeous glow on our face and another 15 minutes of careful maintenance to prevent the appearance of any unsightly blemishes from pimples to hyperpigmentation spots. This is an unmistakable part of our nightly routine but what this nightly routine focuses on is only on our face. It is not too much of a stretch to believe that there are other parts of our body that get neglected like our feet for one. Especially after a long and hard day while standing on our feet, it is highly likely that they are all worn out and fatigued. What you need to do next is to give them a little tender loving care to make sure they don’t feel left out. While it is financially challenging to indulge in a foot spa each week, there are a few things you could do at home to give your weary feet the royal treatment at home. On top of the relaxation that you could get from a foot scrub, here are a few reasons why you should take the load off with a foot scrub.


Benefits Of Foot Scrubs

Ahh… who doesn’t love the lovely sensation of a relaxing foot scrub? Besides how amazing it feels, did you know that foot scrubs are actually great for a number of reasons? Firstly, it has been found to boost the blood circulation within your feet and that means that those aches that strike you at those random times would be a thing of the past. Secondly, you are going to start admiring how beautiful your feet look after the gentle exfoliation removes all the dirt and dead skin cells from your feet. Thirdly, a foot scrub will soothe and discomfort or pain that could arise from walking or standing on your feet for long hours. If you are working in retail, foot scrubs are pretty much a necessity once you get home and the best part is that you could even take a soak while catching up on your favourite television shows. Lastly, the massage in a foot scrub is one that relaxes and aligns your mind, body and soul back in order. You will find that any stress from your day just seems to disappear into thin air when you shower your feet with some love.


Different Types Of Foot Scrubs

Realistically, there are plenty of foot scrubs that you can easily whip up with just a few ingredients from your kitchen. Take inspiration from our list of five simple DIY foot scrubs you can do at home and feel free to start experimenting with your own. We would love to hear how it goes!

Honey And Sugar

This foot scrub is based around the sweet things in life and it is great for rejuvenating your feet to make your skin softer than ever. What you would need is bath salt, coarse granulated sugar, raw honey and olive oil before mixing it up evenly. After applying it onto your feet, you can massage it into your skin and use the coarse sugar as a way to exfoliate all the dead skin from your feet.

Magnesium Power

This foot scrub is unlike your conventional ones out there. Because of how magnesium is effective in the relieving of pain and aches, it deserves to be included in our foot scrubs. What this magnesium foot scrub would revolve around is the use of a cup of magnesium salt with a teaspoon of liquid soap and a quarter cup of coconut oil. After applying it over your feet, scrub well for 10 minutes before washing it off with water. You would find that aches all over your feet would be a thing of the past and as an added bonus, magnesium has been found to help treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema!

Healthy Oatmeal

What oatmeal is good at is being an amazing breakfast food and keeping our tummies nourished and satisfied until lunch hour comes around. But what oatmeal is also good at is being an exfoliator when used in your foot scrubs. You can attempt this by conjoining bath salt, oatmeal, baking soda and water to create this mixture. When you place bath salt, baking soda and oatmeal together into a foot scrub mix, what happens is that your skin would drastically improve its appearance and soften the texture of your feet.

Minty Fresh

For those who have dry and crackly skin, something that you could try is a rosemary and peppermint foot scrub to chase the dryness away. When you drop in rosemary and peppermint oil with bath salt, olive oil and coconut oil, you are going to walk away with your skin rejuvenated and without all the aches and pains. When you put it this mask to use regularly, your tan lines and blemishes would slowly vanish and your legs will be the talk of the town.