4 Tips to Wear a Daytime Red Lip

A red lip has always been the perfect companion to a fancy night out. Whether you are wearing the classic little black dress or a glamorous two-piece outfit, the vibrant colour of a bold red lip has the power to elevate your entire look from a normal outfit of the night to a show-stopping ensemble.

Trying to make a red lip work in the daytime, however, can be tricky. The stark shade of a red lip can seem overwhelming in contrast to the brightness of the day, especially when applied too perfectly (yes, there is such a thing as a too-perfect red lip for the daytime). And when it looks too messy, a red lip will just make you look like you slept with your makeup on.


Your Guide to A Daytime Red Lip

This does not mean wearing a red lip in the daytime is out of the question, of course. With the proper techniques, a red lip can bring your daytime look from casual to très chic instantly.

Ready to bust out your favourite red lip shade and colour your puckers before heading out for the day? Here are some tips to get you started:

Go with a Sheer Red

A bold, matte red lip looks amazing for a night out but in the daytime, it can veer towards looking too garish. A red lip is much easier to pull off in the daytime when the colour is more subtle, so opt for a sheer lip instead — think of something in more of a balm texture. Beyond using an actual red lip balm to achieve a sheer red lip, a red lipstick works well at providing your lips with a subtle wash of colour. All it takes is knowing the right application technique. Firstly, instead of swiping the lipstick directly onto your lips straight from the bullet, dab the lipstick on using your finger. This allows you to control the intensity of the shade. Next, blot your lips to get the excess colour off. Repeat both these steps if you wish to deepen the intensity of the colour; just remember to build the layers bit by bit so you do not go overboard. This dabbing and blotting process will allow you to create more of a stain on your lips, making your red lip look more natural. Apply a clear balm if you want to add some shine onto your lips.

Skip the Lipliner

Any red lip makeup tutorial will always remind you of the importance to line your lips in a similar shade of lip liner. Lining your lips allows you to define the shape of your lips, thereby letting you achieve a more polished appearance. However, when it comes to the daytime, definition is not always what you want to go for. Subtle and natural makeup suit the daytime best, and the ways to achieve this with your red lip are by lining your lips using a clear liner or skipping the lip-lining step altogether. The former will still allow you to define the shape of your lips, but not in as stark a way as a red lip liner. The latter, meanwhile, is great for a “no makeup” makeup look but remember to blend out the edges of your lipstick using a cotton bud to blur them out.

Keep Your Base Minimal

Natural-looking makeup is always the way to go when it comes to the daytime. Thick layers of makeup caked on by foundation, concealer, bronzer, etc. tend to look too heavy in the sunlight and they can end up emphasising fine lines and wrinkles on the face. That being said, a red lip pairs particularly well with a flawless base because the vibrancy of the colour red can make other facial imperfections stand out when they are not properly concealed. If you have fairly clear skin, a thin layer of tinted moisturiser will do to even out the skin tone and create a natural finish. If you have some facial imperfections such as blemishes and hyperpigmentation, apply a tinted moisturiser and cover the imperfections with a heavy-coverage concealer. This allows you to achieve a flawless yet natural-looking base without caking on a layer or two of a full-coverage foundation. If you wish to create a dewy look, apply your base with a damp makeup sponge. If you have acne scars, buff your foundation using a small, dense brush into the scars to reduce their visibility.

Go Monochrome

The boldness of a red lip can make it difficult to figure out which colours to go for with regards to the rest of your makeup. Go too subtle and you might end up looking washed out, while brighter shades can make your entire makeup look too overpowering. An easy way around this? Simply use the same shade of red for the rest of your makeup. For blush, dab a smidge of your red lipstick onto your cheeks and blend it out. If the texture of your lipstick is not too creamy, mix a bit of your tinted moisturiser with the lipstick to soften the texture. For your eyes, you can either go neutral by applying a light wash of nude eyeshadow or apply a bit of the red lipstick onto your lids. Remember to really sheer it out so you get a subtle wash of pink on your lids.