4 Valentine’s Day Activities For Active Couples

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and love is in the air! Other than being a holiday that’s just been commercialized and marketed by companies as an excuse to make profits, many couples look forward to this day as an occasion to celebrate their love for one another. Bouquets of roses, heart-shaped balloons, special Valentine’s Day menus at restaurants are just some of the things you’ll likely see around you on February 14.

This year though, instead of shelling out exorbitant amounts of cash for marked-up flowers and chocolates, why not do something meaningful together with your special someone? Better yet, why not do something that will not only bring both of you closer together but can also make you both healthier and fitter?

Here are some low-to-high intensity activities for couples to try this Valentine’s Day.


Go On An Outdoor Hike Together

If you both love the great outdoors, hiking is the perfect way to spend some quality time together with each other and with nature — plus it’s a great way to exercise and keep in shape together.

Hiking is a very beginner-friendly activity, so if neither of you has any experience, it’s no problem at all. It can be as simple as taking a walk through a commonly used nature trail in a park to a full day’s worth of climbing steep hills and overnight camping. You won’t need a lot of equipment either — if you’re going on a fuss-free walk, a pair of comfortable walking shoes will be all you really need. If you do decide to increase the intensity of your hike, you’re going to want proper gear and attire to prevent any accidental cuts and scrapes and some insect repellant for those annoying mosquitoes.

The best part about hiking is the nature you’re surrounding yourselves in. Observe the flora and fauna, and if you’re adventurous, try hiking up a hill to get some Instagram-worthy photos of the view. Definitely a highly-recommended activity for the adventurous couples out there.


Do Some Yoga Together

If you’re both more of the indoors type, how about some yoga? An integrated exercise that will train both your bodies and minds, couples yoga can be an intimate and intense workout for you and your partner.

When performing yoga together, all you’ll really need is a clean surface. If you’ve never tried it before, there are many basic poses to start with, like the Seated Cat Cow and Seated Twist. These are mostly simple stretches you can perform together while you’re seated down. If you’re feeling up to a challenge, there are always the advanced poses — the most popular would probably be the Partner Flying Warrior pose, where one lies flat on their back and holds their partner in the air by supporting their weight using only their arms and legs.

Doing yoga together is not only fun but beneficial to every relationship, according to practitioners. By relying on your partner for some of the poses, you build trust and emotional support, which also enhances your intimacy. Yoga is also known for encouraging flexibility, and can also reduce stress and anxiety.


Cook A Healthy Meal Together

They say the way to a man’s (and some women’s) heart is through his stomach, so why don’t the both of you get busy in the kitchen?

Instead of burning a hole in your wallets at fancy restaurants this year, spend this Valentine’s Day to cook a feast for two in your own kitchen. Impress your partner with your cooking skills, or gaze in awe at theirs. Better yet, learn a new recipe together and try to recreate as best as you can. It’s not an easy task to work together in a kitchen, so trying to do so can only bring the two of you closer together and deepen your bond.

Cooking together can yield some delicious results. Try your hand at experimenting with different dishes, learn and make healthy recipes that will not only taste good but are beneficial to your health — the possibilities are endless.


Have A Spa Day Together

Physical wellness is no doubt important, but just as important is mental wellness. Having a spa day together will help both of you to relax and reconnect in ways you never did before.

If your partner and you have been really stressed out recently — maybe from work, or the kids driving both of you up the wall — a spa day may be exactly what the doctor ordered to help the both of you relax and rejuvenate. Visit a local spa and get a relaxing couples massage together — full body massages are great for loosening up those tense muscles, and foot massages will do wonders for your tired and sore feet.

If you think a full spa day is too expensive but you really want a massage, why not ask your partner for one? It can be a very romantic and intimate experience to be massaged by someone you love, and it can bring both of you closer together. Just be sure to reciprocate and offer to give your partner a massage once they’ve done yours too — after all, no one likes to feel left out.