4 Ways to Organise Your Makeup Bag

If you are anything like me, your makeup bag is most likely filled to the brim with more products than you actually need. Foundation, concealer, blush, setting powder, four to five lip products, a bunch of makeup brushes… it is as good as if you were to bring your entire vanity drawer out with you in your makeup bag.

But do you actually need that many products with you while you are out and about? Are you giving us a sheepish “no…”? Don’t worry because we completely understand how you feel. Despite knowing we probably will not use more than half of the products in our makeup bag for touch-ups, having them there just provides us with a feeling of security. Who knows when we might need to bust out that shimmery gold eyeshadow or that bright coral lipstick?

Still, lugging around a heavy bag full of makeup is neither practical nor convenient. Why make yourself carry all that weight while you are gallivanting around town? With that said, here are some tips on how you can pare down the products in your makeup bag to just the bare essentials.


Take Inventory

Instead of deciding which products you wish to keep in your makeup bag, start by taking out those items that you do not need. Dump out everything in your bag so you have a clear picture of the things you need to sort through. Lay them all out so you can see every single product and begin by identifying the makeup you have multiples of in your bag. For instance, if you have a few blush compacts, take those out of the pile and see which shades you can do without. Do the same with other products until you are sure you have really minimised the number of things in each category.

Another important thing you should do is to check the expiration date of the products in your bag. That lipstick you have been stashing for god knows how long might have gone bad a few months ago so don’t miss this step out. If you are unsure of whether the products are still usable, just give it a sniff. If the product smells funky, then toss it in the bin.


Keep Brushes in Their Own Bag

If you are wondering why the bristles of your brushes are often bent out of shape, it might be due to you keeping them with the rest of your makeup products. Squeezing them in with everything else will undeniably cause the bristles to misshapen, and worse of all, get them dirty due to the residue from your makeup. And you do not want to be applying makeup with dirty brushes, do you?

Therefore, instead of chucking your brushes in your bag with the rest of your products, store them in a separate bag. This will help protect the bristles as well as keep them clean, two things you want if you wish to achieve flawless makeup without harming your skin in the process.


Use Refillable Containers

Heavy makeup products like foundation will obviously add a significant amount of weight to your bag if you bring them out with you. Frankly, if you will just be out for the day, then we suggest leaving your foundation at home. If you need to touch up your makeup, a concealer will do just fine in case you need to cover up blemishes, hyperpigmentation or other skin imperfections.

However, if you really need to pack your foundation on, transfer some of it into a small refillable container instead of bringing the entire bottle out with you. This is a much lighter option, plus the container will not take up too much space in your bag.

The same goes for lipsticks. If you will be needing more than one lipstick for the day, put a bit of your lipstick into refillable containers or alternatively, a lipstick palette. Only do this option if you are okay with butchering your lip products as transferring a small amount of it from the bullet is going to be a messy job.


Pack Multi-Purpose Products

A good hack to packing a light makeup bag is to opt for products that can be used in multiple ways. For instance, keep a small eyeshadow palette that contains shades you can use to create an entire eye look rather than packing a few different single eyeshadow pots. If the eyeshadow palette contains a black or brown shade, you can even use that in place of your traditional eyeliner to line your eyes. A shimmery eyeshadow shade can also be used to highlight your cheekbones.

Another alternative for your cheeks is to opt for a three-in-one palette that contains a blush, contour and highlight. This saves you from having to pack three separate products, thus saving some much-needed space in your bag.