4 Ways You Can Wear Glitter Makeup Everyday

Think of glitter makeup and you might probably see the sparkly makeup looks that are often worn during special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. Beyond these fancy festivities, makeup lovers often shy away from wearing any sort of obvious sparkle or shine on their faces as it can be too overwhelming for an everyday look.

Plus, when worn in excess, glitter makeup can seem too childish and immature. As someone whose first makeup product was a tube of grape-flavoured glitter lip gloss, there is no way I can apply any sort of glitter on my face without looking like I am trying to go back to my pre-teen days.


Making Glitter Work In Your Daily Makeup Look

So, does that mean glitter is completely out of the question for us grown-ups who wish to add some sparkle to our skin? While there is no doubt that glitter can look garish and loud, there is still a way for you to incorporate it into your everyday makeup without veering into that zone of shiny flashiness. The most important thing is being specific in the glitter placement and not going overboard in its application.

Another essential aspect of wearing glitter makeup everyday is keeping the rest of your look minimal. For your base, opt for a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser, or skip foundation completely and just use concealer on specific areas of your skin such as to cover unattractive shadows or hide blemishes. If you have oily skin, try to apply a light dusting of powder to prevent your makeup from looking cakey.

When paired with a minimal base, the glitter will help to enhance certain features of your face and provide you with an overall radiant appearance. Check out the following tips to get started on your daily glitter makeup:


When applied all over the eyelids, glitter eyeshadow can seem garish and can take too much attention away from the rest of your makeup — and not in a good way. And not to mention, a wash of glitter on your entire eyelids is a pain to apply. Even with a strong arsenal of tools and application techniques in your hand to prevent glitter fall-out, you will still be left with shiny specks on your skin that will need to be cleaned before you can even get started on your base makeup. And who has the time for that when it comes to their daily makeup routine? To adapt glitter eyeshadow into your everyday makeup look, confine the eyeshadow just onto the centre of your lids. For a neutral vibe, pick a nude shade that matches your skin tone so your eyelids will look like they are naturally sparkling under the sunlight. Apply the glitter eyeshadow with a damp brush to intensify the colour as well as to reduce the amount of glitter fall-out.


If you fancy something more subtle than sparkly eyeshadow, how about lining your eyes with some glitter instead? Glitter eyeliner is a great way to transition yourself to incorporating some sparkle into your everyday makeup as you can adjust the intensity of the liner to your liking. For a minimal and understated look, opt for shades that will not stand out too much against your skin tone and create a simple line along your upper lashes. Start from the center of your eyelids and draw a line outwards just until the outer edge of your lids. Keep the line thin if you want just a sliver of sparkle peeking through. For something more eye-catching, go with vibrant shades such as gold and silver. Draw a thicker line to make your eyes look brighter and bigger, or go all-in with a sleek cat-eye.


Even under the bright rays of the sun, a swipe of highlighter on the high points of your face is never too much we say. However, if you are going for a highlighter that contains specks of glitter, we suggest limiting it to only one area of your face such as your cheekbones. This allows the focus of the highlight to be concentrated just on a specific area of your face, instead of the specks of glitter overpowering your entire look and making you appear like a disco ball. For something more daytime-appropriate, opt for a cream highlighter as the texture is easily blendable and will look more natural on your skin in the daylight.


Stopping shy of covering the entirety of your puckers in glitter, sparkly lips can be extremely flattering in the daytime and can even make your lips look luscious and plump. But, if overdone, glitter lips can make you look like you are trying to relive your pre-teen days, when pink unicorn soft toys and posters of cheesy but oh-so-addictive boy bands decorated your bedroom. To make glitter lips work in your grown-up world, skip the glitter lip gloss and go for lip products with micro light-reflective particles. Apply just onto the centre of your bottom lip for a subtle vibe, or dab the product on with your finger onto your entire lip for a more sparkly but still understated look.