5 Habits That Cause Premature Ageing

Time and tide wait for no one. Until we’re able to build time machines (fingers crossed!), nothing in the world can stop the flow of time. It is an inescapable fact that all of us will age and get older, whether we like it or not. Your hair will turn grey and fall off, your skin will get all wrinkly and saggy — sounds like fun, right? We’re kidding, of course. But it is a fact that our appearances will change as we age. It might seem like you’re still many years away from grey hair and wrinkly skin, but did you know some of the things you do every day are causing you to age faster?

Premature ageing is increasingly prevalent in our society today. In a world where we’re always busy or stressed about work and our social life, combined with unhealthy fast food and lazy e-scooters, we’re forgetting what it means to take care of ourselves. These habits we have cultivated are not only ageing our appearances but are deteriorating our bodies on the inside as well. Let’s take a look at some of these habits, so you will be able to prevent premature ageing.


Unhealthy Diet

Poor food choices can have an effect on your skin. Food with high sugar and unhealthy fat levels won’t do your skin any favours. They cause inflammation within your body and can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Processed and junk food may taste good, but they contain large amounts of salt and artificial preservatives which speed up the ageing process. These unhealthy food choices will not only cause your skin to age, but they can also lead to obesity, a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many more unpleasant illnesses. To avoid this, you’ll need to change your diet habits. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great at producing collagen — which keeps your skin firm — and lean meat provides protein to prevent wrinkles and cracks in your skin.


Laziness & Inactivity

We get it – after an exhausting day at work, the last thing you’d want to think about is exercising, and just want to plop yourself down and catch up on your Netflix. But did you know being a couch potato can have a serious effect on your health and skin? When you spend most of the day sitting down, you’re not only increasing the risk of kidney and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity – you’re also going to age faster. When you’re sedentary, your cells age faster due to inactivity, and it means that your skin will gradually become less supple and will look older every day. Of course, the simple solution is to just get moving. Make time to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Go for a run, swim, hike, or play some sports — your body will thank you for it.


Lack Of Good Sleep

With how fast-paced life is like here in Singapore, it’s no surprise that we are the second-most sleep-deprived people in the world (first being the British). In a recent survey, 62% of Singapore residents say that they are not getting enough sleep, and this doesn’t sound good at all. The consequences of sleep deprivation are severe — the obvious ones being decreased alertness and feeling lethargic, and the not-so-obvious ones like a huge increase to your risk of developing brain-related illnesses, cancer, and heart disease. Lack of sleep can trigger premature ageing. Conditions related to sleep quality such as dark eye circles and eye bags will make you look twice your age, and sleep debt-related health issues can induce skin disorders like eczema. The bottom line is you need to sleep more — a minimum of seven hours is recommended by experts.


Too Stressed Out

Let’s get this out of the way — stress is unavoidable. Whether it’s work-related or family-related, at some point in everyone’s lives they will feel stress. Constant worrying and anxiety can have a negative effect on the cells in your body. Researchers have found that people with the most work-related stress are more prone to having damaged cells, which made their appearances age faster. Stress not only ages your physical features, but it can also age your brain and contribute to a lack of sleep – all of which can make you look older too. It’s difficult to lessen the amount of stress we feel, but there are some easy ways to try. Set aside some time for yourself every day to do the things you love —reading a book, watching some TV, spending some time with your loved ones. You can also try simple meditation to boost your mood and clear your mind.


Staying Out In The Sun

If you like sunbathing and spending time at the beach, this one is going to be a hard pill to swallow. As good as it feels to feel the warm sun on your skin, lying under the sun’s rays is one of the worst things that age your skin. Not only does it expose you to skin cancer, but the harmful ultraviolet rays can weaken your skin cells and cause uneven skin tones, liver spots, and freckles — all of which can make you look older. If you want to avoid this, get some sunblock or sunscreen and apply it not just when you’re at the beach, but any time you have to be out in the sun for extended periods. Applying a light sunblock can even help your skin fight wrinkles, decreases the risk of developing skin cancer, and keeps your skin silky and supple.