5 Major Benefits Of Hair Removal

Thinking of finally taking the plunge and getting body hair removed for good? Good call. There are so many benefits that come with permanent hair removal that it truly boggles the mind why not everyone has tried it yet. It is by far the best solution to getting rid of any unwanted body hair, in more than just one aspect of your life. For everyone else still unconvinced, read on for a glimpse of the whole new world that lies just ahead.


Say Goodbye To Unsightly Ingrown Hair

Sure, shaving your leg works as a short-term solution. However, as a long-term solution, shaving can result in numerous troublesome side effects. You are probably all too familiar with at least a few of these, but ingrown hair is just the worst. This can often happen when the tip of the hair becomes sharp due to cutting it way too close to the opening of its follicle. This sharp tip then pierces through your skin, resulting in ingrown hair. Additionally, ingrown hair can occur when hair is forced to grow sideways due to dead skin cells that block the hair follicle.

Shaving is supposed to remove all that unwanted hair to make your skin look smooth and silky, but ingrown hair is going to get in the way of all that. Instead of achieving flawlessly smooth skin, you’ve only got yourself yet another problem for which you have to go through lengths to find solutions all over again. Outsmart the system by forgoing the arduous daily process of shaving forever and permanently removing any traces of unwanted hair. By opting for permanent hair removal, you will no longer have to suffer through ingrown hair! The overall result is a much smoother, clearer skin that is truly hairless, ingrown or otherwise.


Circumvent The Pain

Getting rid of all that hair permanently also means that you will be less likely to frequently experience pain that comes with other methods of hair removal. Proponents of shaving will claim that this technique doesn’t hurt, but almost everyone is bound to experience little nicks that can happen when you shave. They may indeed be usually very small, but the pain can be worse than you may expect it to be, especially when it gets exposed to soap. It’s even worse when you do go for waxing. Some people claim that they eventually get used to the pain that is often associated with waxing, but why continue to take that risk? Waxing hurts even more when it comes to removing hair that is found in more delicate and sensitive areas of your skin, such as your nether regions and your face. More nerves can be found there, coupled with the fact that your skin is usually thinner in these areas as well. Love yourself! Choose permanent hair removal instead.


Completely Forget What Shave Rashes Feel Like

Things can get really itchy, especially down under, when you shave. This can happen for a few reasons and this does not even include the irritation that may occur as a result of ingrown hairs. Shaving doesn’t truly remove the entire length of the hair. Instead, it only cuts above the surface and as that same strand of hair can rub against the follicle as it grows again. This can irritate the follicle, thus making you feel itchy. In fact, some people may find that simply the act of dragging the razor across the follicle can cause irritation, especially within the nether region. Hair in that area is typically thicker, too, which can feel that much more uncomfortable as it grows back out. This gets even worse when newly grown hair rubs against the fabric. Results are much more long-lasting when you opt for permanent hair removal, so you won’t have to experience such skin irritation.


Get Even More Sleep

With permanent hair removal, this will completely eliminate the time you need to shave your legs every single morning. That’s an average of a solid ten minutes saved! It might not sound like a lot, but in just a span of five days, you can save almost an hour. That’s a whole extra hour of time that you could have used for sleep instead, and one should never take sleep lightly. Sufficient sleep is one of the key pillars of health, without enough of which may manifest in the form of poor physical and mental well-being. When you’re getting enough sleep, you will appear that much more refreshed.


Save Money In The Long Run

Shaving might seem much more affordable at first. However, permanent hair removal makes much more financial sense in the long run. It’s true that the initial cost of permanently removing your hair is going to set your bank account back for a while, but its results are much more long-lasting. By comparison, you would still have to spend that much amount on razors as well as shaving cream and the costs are only going to accumulate over time.