5 Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

It’s normal for women to want to stay looking young as they get older. With the onset of fine lines, wrinkles and skin that seems to be increasingly attracted to the ground, it’s tempting for women to invest in skincare products that claim to fight these signs of ageing.

Apart from skincare products, the makeup products you use should be adjusted as you age too. What you used in your twenties might not work as well on your fifty-year-old skin. You might find that your favourite daily foundation might now be too heavy on your skin, emphasising your fine lines and wrinkles instead. Or you might notice more sun spots on your skin and need a heavier-coverage concealer to mask those spots.


5 Tips For A Youthful Look

If you’re in this boat and have found a makeup routine that flatters your skin, our tips below might just be what you need:

Don’t Forget To Moisturise

Moisturising your skin prior to makeup application is key no matter how old you are, but it becomes especially important as you grow older. Since advanced skin tends to be drier, applying moisturiser beforehand will allow your makeup to glide on easily and create a smoother complexion. To ensure your skin receives sufficient hydration, opt for a moisturiser with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is particularly effective in maintaining the moisture level of your skin as it will pull the moisture content from your surrounding environment. This ensures your skin’s level of hydration stays in tip-top shape, thus preventing it from drying out as you go about your day.

Apply An Illuminating Primer

It’s not uncommon for your skin to look lacklustre as you age. With the decreasing amount of collagen being produced, your skin will begin to lose its elasticity as well as develop fine lines and wrinkles. All these facial signs of ageing, coupled with a lacklustre appearance, can emphasise your advanced age. Therefore, it’s a good idea to incorporate a primer that will add radiance back to your skin, such as one with micro light-reflecting particles. Plus, applying a primer prior to the rest of your makeup will help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, ensure the primer you use is a hydrating one. it’s a good idea to incorporate a primer that will add radiance back to your skin, such as one with micro light-reflecting particles. In addition, applying a primer prior to the rest of your makeup will help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines as well as wrinkles. Ensure the primer you use is a hydrating one too as skin tends to get drier as you age.

Hide Your Dark Circles

Besides fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles are another facial feature that can emphasise your advanced age. And covering them up doesn’t just require the use of a concealer — you first have to neutralise the colour of your dark circles by using a colour corrector. Without this step, your dark circles might appear ashy instead of bright and radiant, especially if the colour of your circles are pretty severe to begin with. The shade of colour corrector you use will depend on the undertone of your dark circles. If they are purplish-bluish, a yellowish corrector is the way to go. For dark circles with a green undertone, opt for a corrector in a salmon shade. Once you have corrected your dark circles, you can layer a bit of concealer on top to brighten the skin below your peepers. Remember to be light-handed when applying concealer to your undereye area. You don’t want to put on too much product because the fine lines under your eyes will make the product crease, which will just emphasise the signs of ageing even more. To achieve a more precise application, use a small, flat brush and pat the concealer on the darkest areas under your eyes and blend the product out.

Use A Lightweight Foundation

If heavyweight foundations that provided you with a flawless finish were your go-to during your younger days, it might be time to give those up once you’ve reached your fifties. This is due to the, well, heavy texture of full-coverage foundations, which tend to settle into fine lines and wrinkles thus making them appear more obvious. Another formula of foundation you should avoid is powder. As we’ve mentioned earlier, older skin tends to be drier and powder formulations are the last things you want on dry skin because it can make you appear older than you actually are. Thus, we suggest opting for a lightweight foundation in a cream formula instead. This type of foundation will give you a more natural finish, accompanied by a dewy and luminous look. If you wish for a fuller coverage to even out your skin tone or hide imperfections, build up the foundation in thin layers. Another option is to use a CC cream, which will help correct any discolouration on your face and evening out your skin tone.

Full, Thick Brows Are The Way To Go

The thin brow look might have been hot during the nineties, but luckily, that trend has set sail in the past few years and they don’t seem to be making a comeback anytime soon. If you’ve tried rocking thin brows before, you know how much older it can make you appear. And when you’re in your fifties, you don’t want to have caterpillar eyebrows ageing you even further. Instead, pull a Cara Delevingne and go for thicker, fuller brows. Firstly, brush up your brows using a spoolie so you can determine their natural shape. Next, using your preferred eyebrow product, draw fine, tiny strokes on the areas of your brows that look slightly bare. Finally, apply a brow gel to set the product in pace and you’re good to go.