5 Reasons To Unleash Your Creativity

These days, more and more people stick to safety and security found in following well-trodden paths in their careers or any other aspects of their lives. But there is also value in unleashing your creativity in all that you do. Broadening your minds by exercising creativity can leave a positive impact on your life in more ways than you can imagine, including improving your quality of sleep. Yes, there are indeed fun ways of keeping your dark eye circles at bay in the long run.


Creativity As An Outlet For Stress

The most obvious reason to unleash your creativity is its value as a form of stress relief. Channelled properly, high levels of stress can even create wonders. When you think of unleashing creativity, the first thing that may have jumped to the forefront of your mind is creativity in visual arts. Studies have shown that engaging in visual arts may alter your brain’s wiring, changing and improving the way we respond to stress. Not only does it ease your stress levels, producing art may help you become more resilient to stress in future.

This, of course, is not at all limited to visual arts. There are plenty of other art forms that challenge your brains to expand its range in creativity, such as writing or even playing music — anything that will break you out of the shackles of stress.


The Link Between Creativity And Good Sleep

Creativity and sleep are more closely linked together than you realise. Unleashing your creativity helps lower stress levels, which, in turn, helps you sleep better at night. Conversely, getting enough good quality sleep may also enhance your creativity. Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern improves both your physical and mental well-being. A more well-rested version of you is more able to think with a clearer mind, encouraging your creative juices to flow.

Furthermore, good quality sleep means being able to get enough REM sleep through a complete sleep cycle. Not only is getting sufficient REM sleep crucial in maintaining our physical and mental health, it also allows us to dream, as corny as that may sound. Our minds are often best able to recall vivid imagery in our dreams from REM sleep in the transitional period between sleep and wakefulness. Famous artists, musicians, and scientists have even been known to make use of this transition period for inspiration in their works. It logically follows that you may also be able to do the same, even in creatively approaching your everyday problems.


Sharpens Your Mind

Aside from clearing your minds with lowered stress and improved sleep, creativity may be used to sharpen your mind and challenge the way you see things. For example, subjects in the school of arts typically push our creativities to the fullest by teaching us to closely examine everything around us. English Literature teaches us to read the meaning in words as well as the spaces in between the lines. An education in the visual arts trains you to consider the nuances, minute details, and layers in good works of art. This challenges our eyes and brains to collaborate far more effectively with each other, fostering skills that form the foundation of critical thinking.


Approaching Work Creatively Increases Efficiency

Of course, none of this is purely limited to the arts and humanities. Even if either your career or education has little to do with those disciplines, injecting more creativity in your workspaces may create wonders for your productivity. For example, consider the way you complete the tasks on your work pile. You may be able to more efficiently clear your workload if you approach it in a more creative way, such as working outside the usual rigid pattern of clearing one task at a time.

Constantly changing and shifting your point of focus can keep you out of the rut that may happen when you stick to one project for an extended period of time. Moving on to another task forces your brain to reboot, until you are better able to return to the previous task with a fresher perspective. Creativity in even the most ordinary of tasks may help you to break out of any mental blocks that hinder your productivity levels. Being able to work more productively will consequently aid you in managing stress-related consequences in the form of dark eye circles.


Increase Your Self-Confidence

All of us have it in ourselves to be creative and yet some of us tend to bring ourselves down for so long that we begin to believe in it. However, the more we practise at creating anything at all, the more we will begin to put greater faith and value in our work, lending us the self-confidence that we all need in life. It’s true that not all of us are destined to become great, famous writers, artists, musicians, or successful inventors who will be remembered in history. Nevertheless, your brand of creativity is still your own, a massive part of who you are as an individual, and you should learn to believe in it even if no one else does.