5 Self-Care Tips Before Your Wedding

It’s finally happening! No longer are you always the bridesmaid, never the bride. It’s you who is getting married for once, and each day brings you closer to tying the knot with the one you love. But even if it’s an understated event, you’re probably dying a little bit from the amount of prep work that needs to be done. As important as it is to be prepared, don’t forget that it’s still your big day. You’re going to be the belle of the ball here, so be sure to schedule in some extra time to pamper yourself in between all that hectic planning. You don’t really want to show up on the day itself, looking absolutely worse for wear. Here’s a little self-care checklist you can start with.


Keep In Shape

Depending on how close it is to your big day, you may already have the perfect wedding gown tailored to fit you flawlessly. All you need to do now is to maintain your figure to avoid any closet malfunctions on the day itself! It’s easy enough to do: always pay close attention to your diet, exercise regularly, and ensure that you’re getting sufficient rest at night. Sleep deprivation often leads to weight gain, so don’t let all that planning take away those precious hours of downtime. However, you could also opt for weight-loss treatments just in case you do need the extra help.


Break Your Shoes In

Don’t forget to spend a few minutes each day to break your shoes in! This may not necessarily sound like self-care now, but the future you are going to thank you for it. Imagine limping around and wincing on your big day because you’ve got a painful blister from all the walking you’re going to be doing. In most cases, a blister can certainly be remedied by a good adhesive bandage if you’ve got some ready (or a bridesmaid who’s willing to run to the nearest pharmacy). But why risk any of that when you can easily eliminate chances of it happening in the first place?

Plus, if you’re wearing high heels that are usually higher than what you’re accustomed to, you can use this time to get used to walking in them and feel more at ease on the day itself. However, you can always ask your maid of honour if they don’t mind holding onto a more comfortable pair of shoes on the day itself. Just be sure to treat them to something special while you’re at it.


Up Your Skincare Game

There are few things more horrifying than waking up on the morning of your wedding to less than perfect skin complexion. A good makeup artist and some good old photograph airbrushing should be able to prevent blemishes from showing up on the day itself, but you know that you’re still going to feel absolutely awful about it. Don’t let this happen to you! Take extra care of your skin in the lead-up to the day itself, and absolutely never make compromises when it comes to your skincare routine. If you have always been self-conscious about the enlarged pores on your face, there is no time like the present to reduce their appearance. The right treatment can give you the skin complexion you have always dreamt of, making you look even more beautiful than you already are! Come on, it’s your day! You deserve this.


Always Talk To The People Around You

Take a step back and talk to your loved ones about how you feel whenever you feel a little too overwhelmed at any point of time. More importantly, always communicate honestly and openly with your partner about any stress that you may be feeling along the way. You should never be shouldering all the burden from all the wedding preparation — be it logistically or mentally — by yourself. Whether it’s a case of the wedding jitters or not, it’s highly likely that your partner may be feeling some of the pressure, too, anyway. You can also turn to your friends and family for help, especially if you’ve been planning for your wedding on your own. Don’t try to do everything all at once! You’re a bride, not a robot.


Remember To Have Fun

It’s your wedding day, after all! Even if you’ve got a lot of planning to do, you don’t want to look back on this later, shaking your head at how unpleasant the whole lead-up to the wedding was. You want this time in your life to be memorable in the best way possible. So, have fun along the way and try not to let any setbacks get the better of you. Plenty of brides love planning for their wedding but if this isn’t you, don’t forget to take breaks and have a little alternative fun in between. Get your bridesmaids and maid of honour together for a quick getaway, even if it’s just a short staycation. Enjoy!