5 Skincare Essentials For Your Sunburned Skin

Yikes, we all know how painful and irritating a sunburn can be. Especially, when it involves the peeling skin, soreness and even how it makes you look like a raw lobster. In Singapore, most of us might suffer from sunburns easily when we step out into the sun for a day given how our light-coloured skin maintains its tone when we spend most of our days within the comfort of our air-conditioned office space. But if you are one of the unlucky ones who has suffered from an excruciating sunburn, there are many skin care products that you can rely on to help you treat it. Here are just a few skincare essentials that you need for your skin to rebound quickly in the most pain-free manner.


Aloe-infused Moisturiser

There is a reason why aloe vera is at the tip of our tongues each time we make conversation about how to heal sunburn. Because of how enriching aloe vera is as a product, that is why it has gone straight up to the top as a go-to product when we need to restore our skin health to what it was before. Not to mention, the use of aloe vera would help soothe your skin and minimise any soreness or pain that might arise from such a damaging invasion of ultraviolet rays on your skin. What is recommended is to use moisturisers that include aloe vera as one of its main ingredients for the quicker recovery of your skin. Even after you completely heal from the agonising pain from your sunburn, there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue with its use since it could offer great relief after those little moments of sun exposure when you go on your lunch breaks.


Aloe Vera Gel

We decided that aloe vera gel deserves a spot in our list of skincare essentials because of how great they are in soothing our skin from the searing pain. Unlike aloe vera-infused moisturisers that only list it as one of its many ingredients, aloe vera gel is as good as applying the flesh from the real thing onto our skin. Most of these gels have a high percentage of aloe vera in it and they would be just as effective in restoring all the moisture onto those sunburned areas. What makes these things a staple in our books is the convenience you get from popping one of these bad boys into your handbag. Firstly, you get to free yourself from all of the trouble from slicing an aloe vera up and secondly, because of how these preserved gels can be stored for a longer time, you can always count on them any day of the week.


Oil-free Eye Cream

Most of the products that we use often come with the disclaimer that you should avoid applying them in the areas around your eyes. We can promise you that it is not a conspiracy by the manufacturers to force you into buying a secondary product. This is such because the skin around our eyes is so much thinner, sensitive and delicate. Thus, it requires products that are much lighter in nature. If you think the area around your eyes are not as important, you ought to reconsider since those areas are more susceptible to discoloured specks, crow’s feet and dark spots. What you should look out for are creams that are lightweight and have some form of UV protection to prevent further damage onto your eyes. Think that’s a hassle? Perhaps it is time you start putting on a pair of sunnies each time you pop out for lunch.


Bath Powder

In the days after a sunburn, your skin is so much more delicate and that is why those long showers could actually be counterproductive in the healing of your skin. Depending on how strong the water pressure is from your showerhead, you could actually cause abrasions onto your skin and slow down the healing process. Those loofahs and scrubs that you regularly use are a definite no go as well and what you should look for are gentle soaps that ought to be used with a light touch. Something that is highly recommended if you own a bathtub is to fill it up with soothing bath oils or bath powders for your skin to soak in all of its goodness without aggravating it further. But don’t stay too long in the bathtub since it could actually be counterproductive as your extended stay in the tub might actually strip away all the natural oils from your skin.



Last but not least, a high SPF sunscreen makes the cut as our fifth and final skincare essential for your sunburned skin. Even if you do not believe in the saying, ‘once bitten, twice shy’, you ought to reconsider the importance of a high SPF sunscreen especially when your skin is still recovering from the burn. In the meantime, you should try to avoid the sun as much as you can even if it means taking a detour. But as a backup, the sunscreen would shield those charred areas from more UV exposure.