5 Staple Outfits You Need When You Travel

Some of us tend to pack way too much or way too little whenever we travel. A lot of it is down to how much we procrastinated on packing or insufficient planning. Regardless of your packing habits and tendencies, there are some outfits that should never be missing from your luggages. We may reason to ourselves that we could always schedule some shopping into our itineraries but often, we want to get so many other things done that we end up scampering to find time. We all know how precious time is whenever we travel. Save time by packing the following outfits.


Sleep Or Lounge Wear

This is the first thing anyone should start with whenever they pack for their holidays. You don’t want to reach your destination, jet-lagged and on the verge of keeling over, only to find out that you have no fresh sleepwear to change into. Sure, you could always go au naturel and jump into bed, forgoing clothing altogether, but not all of us are comfortable with sleeping in the nude. You would also be much better off packing something you would look fine in, should emergencies arise and you have no time to waste. Here are a couple of sleepwear ideas to consider:

Loose Yoga Pants And Tank Top

You want to be as comfortable as possible when you sleep so always pack sleepwear that is loose-fitting and soft. Loose yoga pants and a tank top (or even a t-shirt) are a safe bet. This way, you would also be more than prepared in the event of an emergency, too.

Oversized T-Shirt

The perks of sticking to one oversized t-shirt for your whole trip is having to deal with only one piece of clothing the entire time. You could always quickly wash your t-shirt by hand in the sink and leave it to dry in time for your return at night.


The Dressier Outfit

When you’re travelling, one of the last things you’d want to do is waste time ironing clothes. A great many fancier outfits require just that. Even if you have already set aside a classy night out at a famous fancy restaurant on your itinerary, it’s just not something you want to do anyway.

A great solution is to pick outfits made from fabrics that require no ironing. If your destination is on the chilly end, you could perhaps wear a knitted dress. Alternatively, you could invest in outfits that have been permanently pressed, as long as you know how to care for them.

Often, though, we might want to pack prettier outfits that show off our legs. We could always just stick to outfits that cover your legs and underarms but where is the fun in that? However, having to shave all the time on your trip can be daunting on a tight schedule. Eliminate the need to do so altogether by saving time with permanent hair removal. The process typically takes a few sessions but this way, you no longer have to set aside extra time in the shower to shave.

You can also pack smartly for a dressier occasion when it comes to shoes. Done right, the maximum number of pairs you need when you travel only has to go up to three. The trick is in packing something that you can comfortably wear for a casual day out in the city as well as a fancier place, such as a classic pair of ballet flats. A pretty pair of ballet flats are versatile and yet weighs very little. You can then use up the other two shoes to cover any outdoor itineraries or exercise shoes for the gym, if you wish.



It can be all too easy to forget bringing along swimwear, or worse, regret not bringing one if your initial plans never included swimming. Plans tend to change and the hassle you would have to go through to shop for a new one in your travel destination can be too time-consuming, especially if your sizes are harder to come by. Of course, you may give this a skip if you’re heading somewhere way too cold to swim unless your hotel has a heated indoor swimming pool.


The Perfect-For-Outdoor-Activity Outfit

Not all of us are outdoorsy folks, so feel free to take this one off your list of must-haves if that’s the case. For the rest of us who do enjoy at least some time out in the sun, surrounded by nature, be sure to remember packing something outdoor-appropriate. Here are some factors to bear in mind when you pack for outdoor activities:

  • Your destination’s climate
  • Level of activity
  • Your own personal tolerance to heat or cold
  • Any local flora or fauna

One of your safest bets when it comes to packing for outdoor activity is to invest in breathable fabrics that will not bog you down if you do get too sweaty. You should also remember to pack shoes that are suitable for your level of activity. For instance, if hiking is on your itinerary, bring a pair hiking boots. Light exercise shoes may be fine if you stick to even terrain.


For A Day Of Shopping

For the fashionistas out there, this is the most important basic outfit yet! Stick to clothes that you can quickly remove in record time in changing rooms for times like this. Maxi dresses are the best options when it comes to packing for shopping days on your travels. Make sure that they are as light as possible to keep your luggage limit on the low end for your shopping steals, of course. You can even wear maxi dresses in colder travel destinations as long as you layer some tights and a warm turtleneck underneath. The combination would still be a far easier outfit to remove than most others.