5-Step Feng Shui Guide to Weight Loss

With the Lunar New Year approaching, everyone is happily indulging in all the delightfully decadent traditional new year treats, from buttery pineapple tarts to spicy fried shrimp rolls. What’s good for the taste buds, however, isn’t good for the waistline.

The fact remains that you cannot expect to maintain a healthy weight without consuming a low-calorie diet and getting regular exercise, but feng shui is one way to help you achieve your weight-loss goals by helping to create an environment that, quite simply put, nudges you in the right direction.

In feng shui, there are two basic energies in the universe, the Yin and Yang. ‘Yin’ is passive, cold and dark, while ‘yang’ is active, warm and light; striking a balance between these two opposing energies is the key to harmony. This concept can be applied to all areas of your life, including aiding you in your weight-loss efforts.

Here is a simple 5-step guide to feng shui your way to a thinner body.


‘Yin’ Up Your Kitchen

Many households have too much ‘yang’ energy in the kitchen. ‘Yang’ acts to overstimulate one’s appetite so you end up eating more. In order to lose weight, focus on making the energy in the kitchen ‘yin’, which has the effect of suppressing the appetite.

You may do so by adding yin colours such as blues, greens and black to the kitchen decor wherever possible. Serve your food using black or blue-hued tableware as those are more likely to make you feel fuller faster.

On the other hand, you want to avoid having ‘yang’ colours in the kitchen. These include colours such as yellow and red (popular shades of choice for many fast-food outlets) that actively stimulate your hunger pangs.

To further add lightness and freshness to the kitchen area, keep the kitchen neat and tidy. You can also think about adding a mini herb garden and have bottles of water displayed on the kitchen counter. As much as you can, keep the area bright and airy.


‘Yang’ Up the Living Room

Just as you are adding ‘yin’ to the kitchen, balance the energies out by imbuing the rest of your home with ‘yang’ energy. This will serve to raise the energy levels in the home and boost your metabolism in the process!

While the colour rules should definitely be applied here as well, another way to up the ‘yang’ factor is also to declutter your home. When one is overweight, it is seen as your body’s way of holding to excess baggage. Similarly, clutter has the effect of “weighing down” the people in the household. Removing all the excess items that are lying around the home will lighten you up in a flash, and give you the energy you need to pursue your goal of letting go of all that extra kilos.

Plus, it’s perfect timing for the Lunar New Year spring cleaning. Two birds, one stone.


Use the Front Door

Many homes have two entryways, one of which allows you to enter your home through the kitchen. Now if you are on a weight-loss mission, that’s a major no-no. Entering your home via the kitchen triggers your craving for food and is just going to lead to overeating. So go into your home through the front door instead and save yourself some pain.

It is also a good idea to obfuscate the access or view of the kitchen from your living space. Watching television with a clear view of the refrigerator will only stimulate your desires to grab a snack.


Get Rid of Old Clothes

The first step to a new, slimmer you is to say goodbye to the older version. In order to be able to visualise a new and improved image of yourself, you have to let go of your old clothing. Hanging on them will cause you to hold on firmly to what you are.

Did you think keeping a pair of pants that used to fit perfectly at your ideal weight will encourage you to attain your goal? According to feng shui experts, the opposite is true. Shed away the old you by only keeping clothing items that fit and flatter you at the moment. In fact, there is nothing wrong with going out and picking some new outfits that are on trend and look great on you,  either (just make sure not to overdo it and end up adding clutter to your closet).

The boost to your mood and confidence will actually give you added motivation to get healthy and lose the extra pounds.


Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of impulse control, which as you probably already figured, can lead to overeating. Fortunately, there are several feng shui tips that can help you to improve your sleep quality.

Firstly, arrange your bed so that it is in the ‘command position’, which means that your bed is ideally facing the door diagonally, from across the room. So when you sleep, your head is resting against the far wall while your feet are facing in the direction of the door. (However, it is important that you are not facing the door directly as that would be the ‘coffin’ position).

It is also a good idea to remove books and smart devices out of the bedroom as they can give off too much ‘yang’ or active energy, making sleep a struggle.