5 Tips to Create an Everyday, Casual Cat-Eye

Think of cat-eye makeup and the image of a crisp and defined wing with edges that could cut glass probably comes to mind. Cat-eyes tend to be the go-to makeup look for fancy night outs as they can amp up your whole look from casual to glamorous with just a swipe of a wing (and most likely a few smudges of eyeliner along the way).

But when it comes to an everyday makeup look, cat-eyes are not necessarily the eye makeup most of us would go for. Cat-eyes tend to look pretty elaborate and can seem too overwhelming for the daytime, especially when drawn in a defined way.

So, does that mean our daily makeup has to be bound to the normal style of eyeliner, with no glimpse of a wing in sight? The answer is absolutely not, of course. Despite the glamorous look of a defined cat-eye, there is a way to turn down its glam factor and create a cat-eye look that is casual enough for everyday wear.


5 Tips to Create a Casual Cat-Eye

If you are a beginner in the world of cat-eye makeup or a makeup maven who still has the hardest time getting the perfect cat-eye, this look is the perfect one for you. A casual cat-eye does not require the same level of precision as a defined cat-eye because definition is not what you are going for with this look. To tone down the “perfectness” of a cat-eye, what you want to achieve is an almost lived-in, carefully smudged eye makeup that softens your whole look from head to toe.

Ready to master the skill of drawing a casual cat-eye? Here are some tips to get you started:

Create a Nude Canvas

Before creating a cat-eye, apply a light wash of an eyeshadow shade that is similar to your skin tone. This will create a contrast between the nude shade of your eyelids to the dark colour of the eyeliner, allowing the eyeliner to subtly pop during the daytime. Since the later steps in this everyday cat-eye technique require some blending, the nude eyeshadow will also make it easier for you to blend the eyeliner without putting in much effort at all. You can go with either a matte or shimmer eyeshadow — a matte eyeshadow will create a more understated look while a shimmer eyeshadow will give your eyes some pop.

Skip the Liquid Liner

Since liquid liners tend to be more highly pigmented compared to eyeliners of other textures, they make great options when you are going for an intense and attention-grabbing cat-eye look. However, they might appear too bold if you are going for something more casual. Plus, when creating an everyday makeup routine, you want something that can be done as fast as possible. Liquid liners, however, tend to be more of a hassle as they are harder to control and smudge more easily, resulting in you spending more time cleaning up your makeup mess. Therefore, instead of opting for liquid liners, go for a different texture such as pencils or powders. Pencil liners give you the easiest control and their solid texture will allow you to line your eyes without making much of a mess, if at all. Another alternative is simply using black eyeshadow to line your eyes. All you have to do is use a flat-top, angled brush to apply the eyeshadow along your eyelids.

Opt for Brown Eyeliner

Black is the classic go-to when it comes to eyeliners and it works perfectly well for an everyday makeup look if you choose a slightly faded black shade. For a casual everyday makeup, though, how about going for a brown eyeliner instead? Lining your eyes with a brown shade will provide you with a more subtle look, especially when you wish to create a less defined cat-eye.

Blend Your Eyeliner

A crisp cat-eye is defined by the sharpness of its wing, a look that goes great for a fancy dinner or evening party. But, let’s face it. For an everyday makeup look, who has the time or patience to park themselves in front of the mirror and draw the sharpest possible wing they can manage? Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to still give yourself a cat-eye look without the frustration of trying to create a defined wing. All you have to do is blend the wing of your cat-eye outwards to create more of a smokey eye. This technique works well if you use a pencil or eyeshadow liner as the softer texture of these liners make them easier to blend.

Keep Your Base Minimal

While defined cat-eyes stand out against a flawless base, casual cat-eyes are more suited to a base that is kept minimal. This means no thick layers of foundation, bronzer, highlighter, etc. Opt for something lightweight such as a tinted moisturiser. If you have imperfections to cover such as blemishes and hyperpigmentation, spot conceal them using a high-coverage concealer. This will create a more natural base compared to covering them in layers of full-coverage foundation. For dark circles, neutralise their colour by applying a bit of colour corrector and follow up with a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to brighten up the shadowy areas under your eye.