5 Ways To Flaunt Your Curves

“You should wear black to make you look slimmer.” “You shouldn’t wear prints to avoid drawing attention to your curves.” “Skinny jeans are a definite no if you have a pear-shaped body.” If you have been blessed with a voluptuous figure, you might have heard people around you telling you what you should and should not wear to minimise the attention on your curves. These people might mean well, but it is still frustrating when you are constantly being told the rules you should follow to prevent the world from seeing your true body shape.


How to Dress For Your Curves

While we believe that there is no rules to fashion, there is no harm in following certain tips and tricks to display your figure in the best way possible, if that is what makes you feel the most confidence. While your outer appearance should not solely dictate your level of self-confidence, there is nothing wrong with using clothes to make you feel good about yourself. If the clothes you wear instill confidence in you, that confidence can be translated to all other aspects of your life, and what is wrong about that?

Keen to start upping your style game and flaunt your curves? Here are a few styling tips you can easily implement in your outfits:

Belt It Up

Wearing a belt is one of the easiest ways to accentuate your curves, especially if you have an hourglass body shape. However, this technique only works really well in flaunting your figure when worn with something more figure-hugging. For instance, if you have a plain, form-fitting dress that does not perfectly cinch around your waist, put on a belt to accentuate your figure. The belt-around-the-waist technique does not work as well when worn with looser clothing because the extra fabric that bunches up around the belt area can risk making you look frumpy. For example, if you have loose or boxy shift dresses, we recommend getting those tailored to fit your figure better rather than accessorising them with a belt.

Printed But Tailored Clothing

Some people say women with curvy figures should avoid wearing prints like the plague, but we say, go for it! Wearing prints can be completely flattering on voluptuous figures, but the trick to getting them just right for your curves is by ensuring your printed clothes are tailored to your body. Think a tailored printed blazer that hugs your body, or a pair of printed slim leg pants. Avoid wearing oversized printed outerwears that drape loosely over most of your body such as kaftans or long, loose cardigans. These can look too overwhelming, and the loose draping over your body does not do any justice to your curves either. If you are a beginner in wearing prints, stick to just one item of printed clothing first, such as a tailored jacket, and keep the rest of your outfit plain.

Go Bold With Colour Blocking

If wearing prints is too out there for you but you still want to experiment with bolder outfits, how about trying your hand at colour blocking? With the right colour combinations, colour blocking your outfits can make you look effortlessly stylish. If you are a beginner in pairing colours within your outfits, we recommend you start out by sticking to two shades of the same colour. For example, you can pair a salmon-pink coloured top with fuchsia or deeper pink shade of bottoms. To make your colour blocking outfit even more flattering, opt for an outfit that is form-fitting. Go for a top that cinches at your waist and high-waisted bottoms that tapers towards your knees. Another useful guide to colour blocking is by referring to the colour wheel. Pick one colour and choose the colour opposite it in the wheel. This is an easy way to ensure your colours always match, thus allowing you to experiment your heart out with no worries.

Put On The Peplum

Peplum tops are great for curvier figures as they can give you a slimmer waistline. However, they can be tricky to wear. Choose the wrong peplum top and it can make you look drab instead of providing you with the illusion of a smaller waist. Flattering peplum tops should be structured so that the peplum is able to hold its own shape without it just hanging loosely at the bottom, just like a well-structured A-line skirt. Peplum tops look the best when paired with figure-hugging bottoms such as a pencil skirt or a pair of slim-fit pants. You should also make sure that the waistband of your bottoms cannot be seen underneath the bottom of the peplum top. Your best bet is to opt for bottoms that are slightly more high-waisted rather than those that fall on your hips.

Go Low, Not High

Women with curvy figures can sometimes feel hesitant about showing their fuller cleavage, and end up wearing tops with high necklines. This, however, can actually draw more attention to the chest area. The alternative option is going for tops or dresses with lower necklines — wrap dresses are great too. You can also play with textured necklines such as ruffles, especially if you are donning a monochrome outfit.