5 Ways To Have Fun Solo

Self-care is the key to happiness, but how many of us have actually taken a personal day for some serious quality “me time”? Sure, it may be hard to ignore the old-fashioned stigma that comes with spending time alone and most people would avoid doing so for fear of seeming like an antisocial loner devoid of companionship. However, it is high time to drop those fears and take some alone time to recharge yourself.

Besides, the benefits of having “me time” are seemingly endless! Aside from working wonders for your mental and emotional wellbeing, it will also allow you to go about tasks at your own pace, reflect on the things that are happening in your life, discover new aspects about yourself, and even boost your self-esteem over time. Life is way too short to constantly care about what other people think and honestly, it should not even be weird to spend some time to work on yourself and appreciate your own company.

You are always pursuing your aspirations and embarking on different paths in life, hence you will certainly need a lot of alone time to figure it all out. It is okay to take a breather every now and then as it is a lot of stress if you surround yourself with people all the time. That is why “me time” is so essential in your road to self-love and discovery, and it is truly  something that we should always make room for in our schedules. Remember that taking the time for yourself prevents burnout and helps you to become less dependent on others, which in turn, allows you to become a better friend, sibling, parent or partner to your loved ones. You might even find out a new side of yourself that you never knew before or discover what you really want out of this world. One way or another, having fun solo is a way to become more comfortable with yourself and here are 5 exciting ideas on how to spend the quality “me time” that you deserve.


Take A Short Vacation

Take a page out of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book and go on an “Eat Pray Love” journey. You do not need to travel around the world or embark on a 8-week spiritual journey to Bali to achieve that — a staycation or a short trip to a destination that you have always dreamed of going would do just the trick. Travelling solo is a life-changing experience as it allows you to escape from reality for a little while and you will get to feel empowered by your newfound independence. All in all, you get to decide what experience or activity brings you the most joy, which could ultimately help you to get some clarity on what you want in life.


Lounge At The Beach

Whoever said going to the beach had to be a group activity? You could do it solo too! Having a chill time at the beach with a book or some ambient music will certainly help you to unwind from the rigours of a tiresome work schedule and let all your worries melt away. Treat yourself to a body hair removal session aka a Brazilian IPL and put on that bikini that you know you have been saving for a special day out at the beach. It also serves as a time to recollect your thoughts and figure out the next step that you would like to take in life, or simply as a chance to relax and disconnect from the bustle of daily life.


Sign Up For A New Workout Class

It sure is nice to stay in bed all day with zero commitments, but every now and then, it would do our bodies some good to get active and make our get-lean goals happen. If you have “get fit” as your resolution for 3 years in a row, it is probably time to sign up for that workout class that you somehow never got around to register for. Be it spinning, yoga or CrossFit, workout classes allow you to achieve that body that you have always desired and also helps you get better sleep at night.


Get Organised

Research has shown that clutter is a source of stress and may impact your overall productivity, so make sure to give yourself some alone time to “KonMari” your living space. Taking on Marie Kondo’s approach in tidying up, you will find that decluttering can be a meditative task that will help you define what things spark joy in your life and enhance your decision-making skills in the process.


Take Yourself Out On A Date

Make it a point to treat yourself to something that you have always wanted to do by taking yourself out on an indulgent date once in a while. During such “self-dates”, you will learn that it is completely alright to put yourself first from time to time. It could be going to watch a band that you have always liked or even a trip to that restaurant that you have been eyeing on – just make sure to enjoy yourself because you earned it.