6 Benefits of Sweating It Out

We all know that sweating is not the best feeling ever. The sticky, icky feeling that seems to drape every inch of our existence is in no way an appealing state to be in. Add in the smell that usually accompanies sweat and you are in for an unpleasant time. Although it may sound nasty, sweating is actually good for you. Having active sweat glands can actually deliver a bevy of health and beauty benefits that you probably never knew. Read on to find out how these 7 benefits make sweating it out all worth it.


Why Do We Sweat?

Our bodies sweat to balance our body temperature, which prevents it from getting overheated. Besides, having a normal body temperature helps to enhance your organs’ functions and keep them functioning well. During a workout or a physical activity, your core temperature will start to heat up, and your body will secrete sweat as a preventative measure to keep itself cool. All in all, it is how your body protects itself from heat strokes and heat exhaustion. Perspiring can also open up and unclog pores to keep the heat out.


An Instant Immunity Boost

According to a study, sweating actually produces a natural yet potent antibiotic called dermcidin. This agent helps your body to ward off infections, inflammation, as well as other illnesses with its protective properties, which in turn provides an almost instantaneous immunity boost. The other antimicrobial peptides found in sweat are also highly effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria. So, don’t ever complain about being “cursed” with active sweat glands again! Being able to sweat it out is a true blessing in disguise, as it helps to maintain your health in the long run and keep the nasty flu bug at bay.


Rids Your Body Of Toxins

Forget detox teas and rigid diets. Sometimes, a good ol’ sweat sesh is all you need to eliminate toxins from your body. According to research, it was revealed that the body’s toxins can be excreted as we perspire, which helps to flush out toxins from our systems. As the body utilises sweat as a conduit to remove toxic substances from the body, such as alcohol and cholesterol, it can also purge skin-harming toxins that cause breakouts within the skin. On top of that, it is completely free to work up a sweaty detox session!


Keeps Your Kidneys Healthy

As sweating is an efficient way to eliminate excess salt in the body and maintain calcium in our systems, it can help to minimise the accumulation of salt and calcium within the kidneys. This ultimately helps to keep your kidneys healthy, which is beneficial in the long run since they naturally filter out toxins from the body. On the other hand, perspiring also offers protection against kidney stones. These stones refer to the excruciatingly painful deposits that form as a result of salt and calcium accumulation within your kidneys.


Enhances Your Complexion

Ever had a steaming session before a facial extraction? If you have answered ‘yes’, then you should know by know that sweating actually helps to open up your pores. Having your pores open helps to effectively eliminate all that buildup of dirt and impurities in your skin, which in turn prevents acne and skin inflammation in the process. An intense sweat session can also stimulate cell renewal within the dermis and remove pathogenic bacteria from the skin. Who ever knew sweating was key to a radiant and healthy complexion?


Regulates Your Body Temperature

As mentioned earlier, sweating is more than just a method that your body uses to cool itself down. Most importantly, perspiring helps to regulate the body’s temperature to prevent heat stroke and other detrimental issues that arise when your body is too hot. Additionally, it holds an extremely vital role in making sure that the internal organs continue to work properly as your body heats up during physical activity.


Heals Your Body

Another study has also shown that your sweat glands consist of 4 vastly different types of stem cell populations, which possess unique regenerative properties to enhance cell turnover rate and effectively facilitate wound healing processes within the skin. This goes to show that sweating can speed up the healing of cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. See, you don’t even need to be a part of the X-Men to get a regenerative healing factor.


How To Get Your Sweat On

Now that you are up to speed on the many benefits of sweating it out, it is time to find out what are the best ways to get your sweat on. To make sure that your body gets the regular sweat sessions it deserves, do remember to work out at least 2 to 3 per week. Besides, exercising regularly can help you to manage stress better and keep fit all at the same time. Another alternative that you can consider is heading on into a sauna. Aside from opening those pores up for smoother skin, you can also rid your body of those nasty toxins by getting a good sweat at the steam room!