6 Diet Changes To Prevent Endometriosis

Plaguing 1 in 10 women worldwide, Endometriosis is a common yet alarming condition that requires special care. It occurs when the tissue that is supposed to line the inside of the uterus grows on the outside instead, which can severely impact reproductivity and lead to other major health issues. Aside from the complications that it may inflict on fertility, this condition is also excruciating painful to live with, and worsens during menstruation cycles. Endometriosis may also cause fatigue, diarrhoea, intense cramping, and pelvic pain; which can be alleviated through proper medication and treatment.

While there is still no cure for this condition, it can be better managed with special care and a comprehensive diet. Giving your body the nutrition it deserves can greatly help with the uncomfortable symptoms and protect it from complications in the near future. As certain foods are known to worsen Endometriosis, it is always recommended to steer clear of them. Such foods include high-trans-fat foods, gluten-rich foods, red meat, alcohol, and caffeine. In order to prevent harmful progression of this condition as well as to provide relief for the painful side effects, make these 6 diet changes today! Your body will definitely thank you for it.


Load Up On Omega-3

Not all fats are unhealthy. Omega-3 fats can help to prevent inflammation and relieve pain all at the same time. There are good reasons to load up on these healthy fats as they can be particularly beneficial for women who are suffering from Endometriosis. Since omega-3 fats keep infection and inflammation at bay, incorporating this essential nutrient in your diet will certainly help with the painful side effects of the condition. Look towards fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, as well as linseed oil and delicious chia seeds to get your daily dose of omega-3 today!


Say No To Processed Foods

Processed foods are never good for you or your health. Aside from wreaking havoc on your skin, studies have shown that a diet rich in trans-fat-enriched processed foods can worsen the symptoms of Endometriosis. To better manage this condition, ditch this toxic food group immediately and look towards whole foods to satiate your mid-day snack craving. Besides, you will be doing your waistline a favour as eating less processed foods can reduce weight gain in the long run. Also, processed foods are usually the main culprits behind unwanted sightings of cellulite, so minimising your intake will give you the svelte figure you desire, without having to go for painful anti-cellulite massages.


Eat Your Greens

Studies have shown that women who eat more greens in a week are much less likely to develop Endometriosis, so all the more reason to load up on all those antioxidant-rich veggies! Furthermore, carotenoid-rich superfoods such as spinach, kale, tomatoes, and oranges have been proven to aid with the uncomfortable side effects of the condition. Simply blend it into delicious smoothies or mix it up in a salad to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables to give your body the dose of nutrients it needs. Since greens are usually packed with antioxidants, eating a veggie-rich diet can also ward off oxidative stress and free radicals to give you a glowing complexion.


Try Out Supplements

If your diet changes are not working enough to alleviate the symptoms, or you have certain dietary restrictions, you might want to give oral supplements a try instead. Since giving your body a proper dose of nutrients plays an essential role in managing Endometriosis, supplements can help you to achieve just that. Enhance your intake of oestrogen-balancing vitamins and minerals by taking more vitamin B6 and magnesium to combat inflammation and instantly provide pain relief.


Limit Intake Of Alcohol And Caffeine

For years, health experts have warned against the harmful effects of caffeine and alcohol on Endometriosis. Since these beverages are known to increase the levels of estrogen within the body, it could worsen the side effects of the condition, or lead to detrimental complications in some cases. In fact, caffeine in coffee results in a significant increase in estrogen levels in the system, so much so that some women choose to ditch coffees in their daily diets to better manage Endometriosis. On the other hand, drinking too much alcohol can overwhelm the liver and prevent it from eliminating toxins and estrogen from the body, which in turn, impacts the inflammatory symptoms of the condition.


Look Towards Gut-Friendly Foods

Since the gut holds both good and bad bacteria that can balance hormones within the body, incorporating gut-friendly foods within your meal plans can greatly improve the side effects of Endometriosis. Good bacteria can also lower the production of beta-glucuronidase, which ultimately reduces oestrogen levels. It is as simple as taking a cup of natural yoghurt every day or use as a dressing for your fruit salads to reap the full benefits of these gut-friendly bacteria.