6 Fun Ideas For A Day Out With Friends

The internet is rife with instructives on attaining the ideal body but ask yourself: are you happy? Or are you simply going through the motions? Don’t get me wrong. Keeping a close eye on your diet and regularly scheduled fitness routine is critical for healthy weight loss. Nevertheless, all of that will be increasingly a drag if you subtract fun out of it. Happiness is paramount in a sustainable healthy lifestyle and yet, not everyone cares enough to remember it.

This year, get together with like-minded friends and inject a little more joy in your lives with fun group exercises. Here are several ideas to keep you moving along with your friends.


Spend A Day Like A Tourist

Plan a whole day dedicated to trekking tourist hotspots with your friends. Most of us have no reason to visit tourist traps, preferring to steer clear of them, but give it a go for at least one day. Walking from one of these spots to another could be a fun way to keep your fitness routines from going stale.

You can target locations that are more or less within walking distance of each other, especially if you haven’t been exercising regularly just yet. If you want more of a challenge, though, you could also add places that are a little further from each other into your itineraries. Better yet, you could also pick up the pace and add running into the programme.


Cycling In The Park

Become one of those people you often see cycling in a group. Of course, there is no need to invest in skin-tight cycling gear or stall traffic on the roads. All you need is to do is get together with your friends, rent (or perhaps even buy) a bicycle, and start pedaling.

Cycling is a healthy, low-impact form of aerobic exercise, making it easier to meet halfway with anyone in your friend group whose fitness hasn’t been all that great.

Roping in your friends also means that you can finally learn how to cycle that if you haven’t learnt how to yet. The learning process may be a little intimidating at first but it’s a lot easier (and a lot more fun) than you think! You may get a few scrapes along the way but finally being able to stay upright on a bicycle will feel so very satisfying.



For those of you blessed with the ability to swim, make use of it and spend a day in the pool or out on the beach with your friends. Swimming can be a fun group exercise that challenges your body to move against water resistance without too much strain on your joints. This means that you or any of your friends, burdened by chronic pain, may still be able to join in.

Of course, always seek professional advice from your own doctor before attempting any exercise. Swimming should be a perfectly acceptable form of exercise for most people but don’t take any risks just yet if you’re not too sure.


Going For An Easy Hike

Heading to the gym all the time can be terribly boring for most people. If you’ve always kind of hated how static moving on the treadmill can feel, take to the outdoors and go hiking with your friends. Hiking, especially on uneven terrain, is a far more dynamic and fun form of exercise than the treadmill. Doing so with your friends may make it even more fun! An easy hike may burn a few calories than an intense day at the gym, but most of us can’t sustainably exercise at any insane pace every single time anyway. Switching it up a little every now and then with an easy hike may make all the difference to your fitness routines.


Canoeing Or Kayaking

Unless you suffer from seasickness, learning how to canoe or kayak can be an incredibly fun way to spend time actively with your friends. Kayaking may not seem like exercise but paddling through water helps you work on your arm strength, giving you the toned arms of your dreams. It also helps strengthen your back, an often overlooked muscle area. This way, you may be able to prevent common back injuries that may potentially hold you back from your weight-loss goals.

Kayaking together with friends also calls for a bit of teamwork, strengthening your bonds by encouraging you to learn how to better communicate with each other.


Paintball Wars

Quit simply dreaming of emulating your favourite movies and putting off a day of paintball with your friends. By far the most fun exercises out there are those that don’t really feel like exercise. Paintball wars will most certainly keep your heart pumping as you dodge your friends-turned-enemies to win. It may even give you the added incentive to work harder in the gym by giving you more concrete fitness goals. Paintball does not require much muscle strength, but to truly be the greatest paintball master, you do need endurance and speed to be able to avoid getting shot or even give chase.

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