6 Habits That Are Unexpectedly Ageing You

When we were teenagers, all we wanted was to grow up faster and look older so that we could enjoy the freedom of adulthood. Years later, we feel somehow smug and exhilarated whenever we are asked for ID verification at a bar or manage to score discounted student movie tickets. And no, we are not misers, there’s just something quite satisfying with the implication that we look younger than our actual age.

Unfortunately, time spares no one and eventually, we do age. To minimise the effects of age catching up with us, some of us invest in anti-ageing skincare products and adhere to a strict beauty regimen. Whereas others simply embrace the changes while maintaining a positive outlook and youthful spirit. Asides from that, there are also a few lucky individuals that have struck the genetic lottery and never seem to look older despite the passage of time. They are the centre of attention at gatherings and constantly badgered to share their age-defying secrets.

Well, regardless of whether you are a devout skincare fanatic or a fortunate person whose looks seem to have been permanently ‘frozen’ in time, there’s an underlying factor that will make or break your appearance, namely, your lifestyle choices. Overindulgence in certain activities like drinking alcohol or smoking can definitely speed up the ageing process and pile the years onto you. Then again, there are also other everyday habits that are sneakily making you look older than you should. Intrigued by what they could possibly be? Here are 8 habits that are unexpectedly ageing you.


The Age-Causing Culprits

Although most of us are aware of the general things that are usually responsible for ageing such as not sleeping enough or always frowning, we don’t realize that the reasons and effects differ among individuals. Certain people have a genetic makeup that are predisposed to showing visible signs of ageing earlier than others whereas factors like one’s diet and environment can also influence the ageing process. Therefore, it’s important to note that changing these habits will not be a cure-all to ageing but rather minimises the toll that it takes on our appearance. With that in mind, let us share the habits that are making you look older:

Not Putting On Your Sunglasses

We all know about the importance of regularly applying sunscreen but did you know that not wearing your sunglasses while outdoors, can age you as well? This is because due to the harsh sunlight, you have a higher tendency of squinting more often in order to see things clearly. As a result, this repetitive movement can hasten the formation of crow’s feet as well as other wrinkles, tiny creases and fine lines around your eye area that will add years onto your appearance. Therefore, it’s best to always best to keep a pair of sunglasses on you when going outside and if you don’t have any, why not try wearing a broad brim sun hat instead? It will be able to provide some shade for not just your skin and eyes as well, thus reducing the probability of squinting. As for people who wear spectacles, you might want to consider investing in transition lenses that can lighten or darken accordingly based on their environment while protecting your eyes.

Using A Straw To Sip Drinks

Straws are a lifesaver for makeup enthusiasts who are afraid of messing up their lipstick or for people who have sensitive teeth. However, by repeatedly puckering your lips over and over again to get a mouthful of your drink, you are essentially facilitating the creation of folds and creases around your mouth area. Hence, you might want to try cutting down on the frequency of using a straw and drink directly from a cup instead.

Setting Low Air Conditioning Temperatures

Even though it may seem like bliss to blast the air conditioning on a particularly sunny day, you might want to rethink doing so as it saps the moisture out of your skin. As such, your skin becomes flaky and dry, thus causing any signs of ageing like forehead lines and eye wrinkles to become more evident. Hence, you are advised to either set higher air conditioning temperatures of about 25 to 26 degrees or use a humidifier. Another useful tip would be to hang a wet towel near your bedside or table and leave it to dry so that it can add some moisture into the surroundings.

Constantly Sucking Or Chewing Sweets

Like the motion of sucking on a straw, excessive sucking or chewing of sweets can encourage the development of lines and creases near your mouth and cheek area. If you are constantly sucking on sweets or mints to combat bad breath, an alternative way to deal with it would be to either use a breath spray or brush your teeth instead. This not only minimises the sucking motion responsible for ageing you but improves your oral hygiene as well, making it a win-win!

Spritzing Perfume On The Neck

Although spritzing perfume on either the inner side of our wrists or necks seem like a pretty standard practice, it may actually be a possible culprit that ages your skin. This is because the skin around your neck area tends to be more sensitive and is more likely to be aggravated by the harsh ingredients in your perfume. These ingredients irritate and dehydrate your skin, thus causing it to become red and inflamed. Therefore, when spraying perfume, you are advised to err on the side of caution and spray it on your clothes instead.