6 Hair-Volumising Tips For Thin-Haired Gals

Trying to keep your hair hold its volume is a struggle when you have thin and fine hair. Sure, your hair looks great in the morning when it’s just been given the texturising treatment, but halfway through the day, all that effort just goes down the drain, dragging your fine hair along. So, what’s a fine-haired girl to do with her thin, helpless tresses?


6 Tips For Voluminous Hair

Fortunately, there are various haircare products available in the market to give fine, limp hair an extra boost. Check out the following tips and tricks to help your hair in the volumising department:

Don’t Be Afraid To Pile On The Mousse

If you’ve fallen victim to the crunchy texture of mousse-overloaded hair, you might have sworn off this volumising product for the rest of your life. Sure, when used excessively, mousse can make your hair feel as stiff as an over-fried French fry. However, if you have thin hair, a good amount of mousse is exactly what your locks need to give them a significant boost in the volumising department. Thus, don’t be scared to use a sizeable dollop of mousse when you want to give your limp hair a lot of oomph. When your hair is thin and fine, it needs more help from volumising hair products compared to thicker tresses. As a general guide, spray your mousse onto the palm of your hand until you get a roughly egg-sized amount. Remember to shake the bottle of mousse beforehand to make the product light and fluffy. If not, it will be in a creamy texture, which will just end up weighing your hair down. Roughly rub the mousse into your hands and comb it evenly through damp hair with your fingers, all the way from the roots to the ends.

Change Up Your Hair Parting

When you have limp hair, sticking to the same hair parting for years on end can make your tresses look even flatter. Thus, to give them an instant lift without the help of any products, consider changing your hair parting. This will not only provide your hair with a quick boost of volume, but also refreshes your entire look. If you usually part your hair in the centre, go for a side part. Or you can simply deepen your current side part to give your hair an extra lift. As an added bonus, a deep side part can also slim down your face.

Tease Your Hair

If you don’t have all the time in the world to use mousse or give your hair a good blowout, teasing your hair is a handy little trick to quickly give your hair a bit of a lift. For really thin and fine hair, you will need to give your hair a bit of texture prior to teasing it so your hair can hold the volume without falling out immediately. Start off by brushing your hair through to smooth it out and get rid of tangles. This will make your hair easier to tease as well as minimise any damage. Next, holding a small section of hair away from your scalp, give the back of that section a quick spritz of texturising spray, and use a small fine-toothed comb to backcomb the hair towards your scalp. Repeat this step until you achieve the amount of volume you want and gently comb through the topmost layer of your hair to smooth any messes.

Use A Texturising Spray

Besides mousse, a texturising spray is another product that will help create lots of volume in your tresses. It is especially useful if you’re going for a beachy, “I just got out of the sea” vibe, with tousled waves. First off, make sure your hair is dry before applying the texturising spray. Next, take medium-sized sections of your hair (you don’t have to be too precise with this), and apply the texturising spray onto the roots of your hair. Do this in a horizontal manner around your head, starting from the crown and going down towards the neck.

Give Yourself A Textured Ponytail

Sometimes, all we want to do is gather all our hair up away from our faces in a ponytail. But, a ponytail isn’t the most flattering hairstyle when you have thin hair because it will just look limp and, frankly, kind of sad. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the ponytail, though. You just need to put in a bit more work to jazz up your ponytail. After tying your hair in a ponytail, take a relatively small section of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around your hair elastic. Stick a bobby pin to keep this section in place. Next, backcomb sections of your ponytail to give it more height and volume (spray some texturising spray prior to this if your hair is really fine) and finish off by smoothing out the top layers with a comb.

Prep Your Hair Overnight

This technique is especially handy for when you know you won’t be able to spend time in the morning fussing with your hair. The night before, separate your hair into sections and twist each of them all the way up to your scalp and pin them in place. Sleep with these small, twisted buns on and take them down the next morning when you’re getting ready for the day. You’ll be left with bouncy waves that will provide your hair with some much-needed volume. Apply some hairspray to help your hair hold the waves for a longer period of time.