6 Important Skin Care Tips You Should Know

Want to start taking care of your skin but clueless on how to begin? Walking into a beauty brand can be baffling with their cheery interior and rows upon rows of colourful products awaiting your selection. How do you know which products are the best for you? How do you know how should you apply your products to optimise their benefits fully? How do you know if you are not making any skin care faux pas? Here are the six most important skin care tips you should follow closely if you want to achieve a radiant, clear and flawless complexion.


Skin Care Tip #1: Never Ever Squeeze Your Zits

This is the numero uno skin care rule you should heed. Never ever squeeze any zits that you see on your face. Do you think your hands are really clean? In fact, they are covered in bacteria most of the time! Think about all the stuff you had touched. Do you want to touch your face with bacteria-covered hands? Squeezing an inflamed zit will only cause additional dirt and grime to be added on, and it may spread to the rest of the face. Leave the extraction of zits to the professionals who are equipped with the appropriate tools and techniques.


Skin Care Tip #2: More Does Not Equate To Better

There are tons of beauty brands and beauty products out there in the market. There are also some claims that you should be following a 7-step beauty routine or a 10-step beauty routine in order to achieve a radiant and flawless looking complexion. However, not all skin types are suitable to try out all the different beauty products that are out there or to pile them on every day. Some skin types are better off having a pared-down beauty routine with just the essential products that work for their skin. Piling on another serum or essence may clog their pores, which can lead to acne breakouts if the products are not non-comedogenic. And there are ingredients in skincare products that should never be mixed together. Two of such are retinol and salicylic acid. Mixing these two ingredients together is a disaster for your skin, as it can make your skin really dry. Overly dry skin will result in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can also cause your sebum production to go into overdrive as your skin is sending a signal that it is not producing enough oil.


Skin Care Tip #3: Expensive Products Do Not Equate To Good Products

There are beauty brands that sell really expensive eye creams or moisturisers or serums that promise to erase your age spots, remove your wrinkles or turn back the clock. But sometimes these ultra-expensive beauty products may not be the most suitable or appropriate product for your skin needs. Do not ignore drugstore brands just because they are cheaper. Look at the label and check out the ingredient mix, and find out if it is suitable for your skin.


Skin Care Tip #4: Never Ever Skip Sunscreen

If you are stranded on an island and there is only one skin care product you can bring along with you, it will have to be sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is the most important step in your skincare routine because sunscreen protects your skin from the ultraviolet (UV) rays and sun damage. If you do not want to be afflicted with skin cancer and want to prevent the early signs of ageing (sunspots, wrinkles, and fine lines), then you must not skip the application of sunscreen.


Skin Care Tip #5: Do It Yourself Facial Massage

Sometimes you are so busy you simply do not have the time to go for a facial session. Instead of feeling despair over the loss of a relaxing session, why not just take some time out every night to treat your skin to a quick and easy facial massage? You can even do it while you are lying on your bed. Start from your forehead and tap your fingers on your skin in a circular motion. Move your fingers down your temples to your cheekbones. Continue tapping from your cheekbones down to your cheeks before completing the massageĀ of your jawbone. The tapping action helps to increase your blood circulation which will give you a dewy complexion, and at the same time helps your facial muscles to relax.


Skin Care Tip #6: Store Your Skin Care Products In Cool, Dark Places

When we think about storage for our skin care products, it is naturally the bathroom we think of. However, the bathroom is not the most optimal place to store them. The bathroom is generally hot and humid thanks to the steam and heat from the hot showers we are taking. Such an environment is a breeding group for bacteria to grow and multiply. Imagine applying your skin care products that are kept in such a location. The ideal places you can keep your skin care products in are cool and dark places like the refrigerator or in concealed drawers where the products are not exposed to heat and humidity.