6 Makeup Tips for When You’re Sick

Getting into your cosiest pyjamas and snuggling into bed while binge-watching your favourite television show on Netflix is a routine you most likely wish to jump into when you’re sick. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and sometimes you just need to get out of bed and show your tired, zombie-like face to the world. Luckily, you can always rely on the power of makeup to make you appear as if you’re perfectly healthy despite feeling the complete opposite.


Your Sick-Day Makeup Tips

Here are some tips to help perk your face up when you’re feeling under the weather:

Apply an Illuminating Primer

A dull and lacklustre complexion is hard to avoid when you’re sick, so an easy way to fake a glowing appearance is by applying an illuminating primer before putting on your foundation. This is especially important if you have oily skin and usually use a matte foundation to keep the greasy look at bay. Your skin will probably be drier when you’re sick, but if you still prefer to wear your usual matte foundation, then be sure to put on an illuminating primer to prevent your foundation from making your complexion appear even duller. Look for a primer with micro light-reflecting particles rather than one that contains actual specks of glitter; the former will provide your skin with a natural-looking dewy appearance while the latter might make you veer towards sparkly territory instead.

Opt for a Lightweight Base Product

If your daily makeup routine consists of heavyweight foundations, you might want to skip them when you’re feeling under the weather. Besides needing to allow your skin to breathe, wearing a thick layer of foundation is really uncomfortable when you’re dealing with drier-than-usual skin. Thus, go for a more lightweight base product instead, such as a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. If you need more coverage in certain areas such as to hide acne scars or hyperpigmentation, use a concealer to cover those areas specifically so you don’t overload your entire face with product.

Lighten Your Undereye Area

The worst thing that could happen when you’re sick is not being able to get a proper night’s rest and you would find it hard to rest and recuperate in your weakened state. As a result, intense panda eyes are a given when you wake up the next morning. When this happens, your first instinct might be to hide your dark circles with the highest-coverage concealer you own. However, this isn’t necessarily a good idea as a heavyweight concealer will likely crease or cake under your eyes, which can make you look even more tired (and not to mention age you quite a bit too). Instead, go for a creamy, lightweight concealer to cover those dark circles. To brighten your undereye area, choose a concealer one to two shades lighter than your regular concealer and apply it in an upside-down triangular shape below your eyes. This will lift your undereye area and make you look wide awake.

Tightline with a White Eyeliner

If you need even more help in adding life to your tired eyes, skip the black eyeliner as it might end up smudging all over your eye area, especially when your eyes are watery from your illness. Instead, opt for a white liner and use it to tightline your eyes. This will not only make you appear more awake, but also help counteract any redness on your eyes and provide you with a healthier appearance. If a white eyeliner seems too stark and you prefer something more natural, go for a nude shade of liner instead.

Add Colour to Your Cheeks

Just because you feel like you’ve died inside doesn’t mean you have to look it. A dull complexion when you’re feeling sick can be easily fixed by applying blush on your cheeks, especially if you’ve covered the rest of your face with foundation. Adding colour back to your skin will help give more definition to your face as well as bring some much-needed life to your overall appearance. We suggest opting for a cream blush rather than a powder one as the former can be blended into your skin more easily, thus lending you a natural-looking rosy complexion. Apply the blush with your fingers to the apples of your cheeks to give you a fresh, youthful look. Blend the blush outwards, taking care not to extend it too far towards your cheekbones.

Give Your Face All the Highlight

Another easy way to add radiance to your skin and brighten up your overall look is by adding a bit of highlighter to certain areas of your face. Avoid shimmery powder highlighters as they might appear over-the-top on your skin. You want to create a glowing look here rather than shiny and glittery. Instead, go for a cream highlighter containing light-reflecting particles and pat it on the tops of your cheekbones, your temples, as well as, down the bridge of your nose. Dab a bit of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes too.