6 Most Beneficial Alkaline Foods

Have you ever considered whether your diet is acidic or alkaline? Or some of you may be asking yourselves now, why should you care and how does that even matter?

Consuming foods that are high in alkaline simply ensures that your blood does not become too acidic over time, which essentially averts a number of potential health issues related to high acidic body content. And the best part is, upping your alkaline intake does not entail any drastic or excessive measures — the most alkalising of foods that can be found on God’s green earth conveniently happen to be plant foods. Essentially, seeing that you diet slants more towards the alkaline spectrum simply means you are eating more vegetables and fruits, which is a fundamentally great choice especially when you are eating for energy, just like the foods below.


1. Beet Greens

Let us begin by raising the curtains to the world’s leading food that contains the most alkaline content — the lean and mean beet greens! While you may hardly notice beet greens making an appearance in your weekly diet, their impressive ranking in the alkaline charts renders them one of the best ingredients to be included in smoothies or accompany stir-fries. Apart from its high alkaline content, this superfood possesses a bitter quality that is known to promote bile production in your stomach to accelerate the digestion of fats. In addition, beets flaunt an astounding nutritional profile that is low in calories but astonishingly high in vitamins and minerals, making them an ideal staple food that can be incorporated into your diet for weight loss. It also helps that beet greens are versatile and can replace practically any other greens in soups, salads or smoothies.


2. Kale

Several health experts have labelled kale as the modern day beef, and for good reason. Not only is kale regarded as one of the world’s most alkaline food, but it is also relatively high in calcium, iron and vitamin K, which has been proven to help safeguard your immune system against certain types of cancers. Because of its mild taste, kale can be utilised in almost any recipe, including soups, stir-fries and salads, among others, for a lip-smacking alkaline booster.


3. Spinach

Yet another high alkaline food on the list is spinach, which is also known to improve the health of bones, thanks to its impressive amount of calcium content. As spinach is extremely alkalising, this green superfood is added into anti-cancer and cleansing juicing protocols every so often. There is an endless list of how to consume spinach in a creative and scrumptious way, like stir-frying it or blending it together with other ingredients to make a smoothie.


4. Swiss Chard

Observed a pattern already, no? Most of the food sources that contain a wealth of alkaline are actually the leafy greens. Swiss chard gets itself in this list by offering eaters with a megastore of beneficial nutrients that support cellular health and leaving behind more alkalising minerals than acidic ones when metabolised despite containing plant protein and phosphorus. Swiss chard can be enjoyed in hearty wraps or in any recipe that involves a tortilla or grain bun. Try whipping yourself up a taco wrap with Swiss chard and a dash of cumin lime sauce, though you might want to consider ditching the cheese to preserve the alkaline level of this dish.


5. Bananas

Bananas are another food source rich in alkaline, so you definitely would not want to leave these bunch out of your diet. Moreover, these yellow potassium sticks also contain a high level of fibre content, which essentially enhances your digestive process and aids in getting rid of toxins from your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. While some people may prefer to avoid bananas for fear of weight gain due to their natural sugar content, the truth is snacking on these six-inch yellow delights is by far healthier than munching a granola bar or chewing on your childhood favourite Skittles that contain a truckload of sugars and acidifying ingredients.  We bet everyone loves bananas and one of the most appetising ways to enjoy them in your diet is to simply blend frozen bananas into a smoothie and add some sass to it with other alkaline ingredients, such as berries or fresh mint leaves.


6. Sweet Potato

Guess what? Now you can indulge in those sweet potato fries — in moderation, of course — without feeling guilty. Yes, sweet potatoes are relatively high in starch, but they are also a highly alkalising food source that supplies your body with good amounts of fibre, minerals and vitamins. furthermore, as sweet potatoes are chock-full of fibre, eating them regularly have less of an adverse impact on blood sugar levels as fibre has been scientifically proven to decelerate the release of sugar into your bloodstream. With all the energy and the alkaline boost sweet potatoes provide, there is no reason for you to turn your back on them anymore.