6 Reasons to Own a Home Gym

If your budget (and spouse) allows it, a home gym is a brilliant idea and a beneficial resource that you should consider pursuing and take good advantage of. Between your hectic schedule and lazy stay-home nights watching Game of Thrones, or even the hassle of going to an extremely crowded commercial gym in your neighbourhood, the home gym option offers a serene haven especially for those who are self-conscious of their waistline and pimple-prone skin but want to train and workout in a manner that actually produces visible results.

There are plenty of reasons for you to convince yourself and take the deciding step to set up your very own home gym. But just in case you cannot find any, we have six compelling reasons conveniently drafted out for you, so keep reading and you might just find one that is relatable to your current individual situation.


Fits into Your Schedule Anytime

This is a no-brainer. If you have a gym in your own home, you no longer have to worry about the planning your day to the finest details, such as the travelling time from the office and to the gym, to fit your workout into your tight schedule. With a gym in your living room, you can choose to workout before leaving the house in the mornings or after you get back from work in the evening without having to get annoyed with the peak hour gym crowd. Besides, why drive for 45 minutes to get to your local commercial gym, only to spend 20 minutes working out in it and drive another 45 minutes back home?


An Effective Contingency Plan

Sometimes, in life, things do not go according to your plan, even when they have been strategically laid out. But now is not the time to dwell and feel miserable about it because life is just that, so suck it up and get yourself a contingency plan. When life gets in the way with unexpected hurdles that may interrupt your fitness rhythm and workout schedule, having a home gym to fall back on ensures that you can always squeeze in your workout sessions at any time of the day and remain on track in your quest for weight loss.


All Eyes on Gains

Some people enjoy going to the gym for this very reason: to socialise, meet and befriend others who have the same goals and interests. For others, that could be their downfall at the gym since they could easily get thrown off by the social interactions with others. If you are someone who needs to be in their personal headspace while working out, a home gym provides that solitude and distraction-free environment for you to keep your head in the game and your mind focused on the number of reps to go.


Freedom Fighters

The best bit about bringing the workout back home is that you have the freedom to dictate what happens in your little workspace. Want to scream at the top of your voice while pumping iron? Go right ahead! Clank the weights on the floor after squeezing out that last rep of yours with a manly grunt? Toss away! And guess what? You no longer have to hold back on your choice of music either even if One Direction is your guilty pleasure, so go ahead squat deep with Zayn Malik and Harry Styles playing in your ear. Additionally, you can pin up pictures and posters that motivate the inner beast in you and set up your home gym in a way that complements your Renegade training style.


Your Gym, Your Rules

Having a cosy home gym of your own not only entitles you to train however you want but also to select the deserved holier-than-thou few to train and share the joy of glorious gains with you. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the petty dress code and gym rules — now you can execute your deadlifts barefoot and place your full water bottle anywhere you want while getting some bicep curls done. Above all, it is a rather nice feeling to not have different sets of creepy eyes staring at you during your entire workout or have someone interrupt you between your sets just to share a bench with you.


Save on Gym Membership

The rates of commercial gym memberships can be obscene. If you take the time to do some quick maths and tabulate the amount you have to fork out for your gym membership every year, it typically equates to more than a thousand dollars, with some premium almost hitting the two thousand mark depending on the prestige of the gym. Now multiply that sum by ten years and you realise you can get yourself a brand new car without having the need to take a bank loan! Having a home gym and firm understanding of the fundamental training concepts can possibly save you thousands of dollars and still allow you to achieve phenomenal results from the cheapest and simplest equipment.