6 Smokey Eye Tips For Beginners

When it comes to the world of makeup looks, a smokey eye is the standard makeup style every makeup lover delves into at least once. Think of it as an initiation of sorts, transforming you from an average makeup wearer to a proper makeup aficionado.

Still, attempting to create a smokey eye can be intimidating for those who have never tried their hand at it before. Do the wrong thing and you might end up making yourself look like Edward Scissorhands (cute, but not exactly what we’re going for).


An Easy Smokey Eye For Beginners

If you’re a beginner in the smokey eye world and are keen on upping your makeup skill, check out our guide for you to create an easy smokey eye look:

Apply Primer All Over Your Lids

Just because we’re creating a smokey eye doesn’t mean we can allow it to get smudged and out of hand. There’s a difference between smokey and just plain messy. To prevent this from happening, apply an eye primer over your entire lid. This will provide your eyeshadows something to grip to, thus ensuring they stay on your eyelids all the way throughout your day. Applying primer is especially important if you have oily lids as it can prevent your eyeshadow from creasing or settling into any fine lines on your eye area.

You Don’t Always Have To Go For Black

Think smokey eye and you might immediately have an image of a dark, black eye makeup look. While black is certainly the go-to shade when creating a smokey eye, you don’t necessarily have to choose black all the time. Plus, for a beginner in the smokey eye look, working with black can be intimidating and the wrong application techniques can give you panda eyes instead. Therefore, if you’re not ready to go all in with black eyeshadow, feel free to go with other dark eyeshadow shades. Neutral shades like brown and navy are great if you’re not keen on doing too vibrant a look, while bold shades like dark green and burgundy are the ones to go for if you want something more attention-grabbing.

Just Stick To One Colour

Creating definition for smokey eyes can be achieved by working with a few different shades of eyeshadows, but admittedly, this look takes skills that a smokey-eye beginner might not be equipped with yet. Don’t worry, though, because you can still create a beautiful smokey eye with just one eyeshadow shade. Plus, sticking to just one colour will give you the chance to practice your skills until you’re ready to move on to working with more colours. Once you have picked out your shade, simply apply it all over your eyelids from your upper lash line to your crease. If you want a more dramatic smokey eye, apply the same eyeshadow shade onto your lower lash line as well.

Always Blend, Blend, Blend

You want to avoid harsh lines when creating a smokey eye, so be sure to blend the eyeshadow you have applied all over your eyelids using a fluffy blending brush. Blend it from one corner of your eye to the other, being sure to work it into your crease to create a bit of definition. If you find that your eyeshadow is getting smudged rather than blending out nicely, switch to a clean brush and continue blending until the line becomes diffused. To ensure you don’t go too far out with your blending, angle a tissue paper along your lower lash line and use it as a guide for when you’re smoking out your eyeshadow. To blend the eyeshadow on your lower lash line, use a flat, smudge brush instead of the fluffy blending brush. This will make your blending more precise, preventing you from smudging the eyeshadow too far down your eye area.

Create More Definition

Now that you’re done smoking out your eyeshadow, it’s time to add more definition to your eye makeup. Using a black eye pencil, line your upper and lower lash line to create more intensity to your eye makeup. Make sure the shade of your eye pencil is a true, deep black shade so it will blend in nicely with the rest of your eye makeup. To up the intensity even further, you can choose to tightline both your upper and lower lash line. This will also help to cover any bare skin that might be peeking through in between your lashes. However, if your eyes are smaller, we suggest starting the tightline at the halfway point of your lash line to create a wide-eyed look. Finish off with a coat of black mascara, and you’re all done with your smokey eye!

Time To Prep The Skin

Smokey eyes look best with a flawless complexion so take the time to prep your base with your preferred foundation. To prevent your foundation from getting cakey, remember to work in thin layers and gradually build them up bit by bit. Once you have applied your foundation, cover any flaws such as pimples or hyperpigmented areas with concealer. If you have acne scars, use a buffing motion to apply the concealer to reduce the acne scars’ appearance. And last but not least, don’t forget to conceal your dark circles. Smokey eyes can emphasise the discolouration of your undereye area even more, so this is a step you definitely can’t miss out. If your dark circles are more severe, apply a colour corrector first to neutralise the discolouration.