7 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea For You

Other than water, green tea is one of the healthiest beverages known to everyone. Fused with tons of antioxidants and nutrients that have healthy and powerful effects for the body, green tea has no sugar content and no calories, and plenty of studies have been done to show that green tea has many health benefits. No wonder the ancient Chinese love drinking green tea centuries ago.


The History Of Green Tea

Originated from China centuries ago, the production and manufacturing processes of green tea has since spread its way globally to many parts of Asia. Made from the Camellia sinensis leaves, green tea is an unoxidised tea and is thus named due to its green coloured leaves and tinge of green in its colour when brewed.


The Beneficial Ingredients In Green Tea

Let’s take a look at the active ingredients that are found in green tea that made this beverage one of the healthiest and popular tea choices around. Stimulating ingredients you can find in green tea include theophylline, caffeine, theobromine, while an amino acid, L-theanine, present in green tea has been found to calm your nervous system down. So when you drink green tea, you can be both calmed and stimulated at the same time. Drinking green tea will fill your body up with these beneficial antioxidants and essential nutrients. So what is good for your health means it is also good for your skin.


How Is Green Tea Beneficial For The Overall Body?

If You Suffer From Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition where you see red, itchy, scaly patches on your skin. The patches occur because there is a rapid build-up of skin cells, and it is very common to find inflammation and redness around the scaly patches. The active ingredients that are present in green tea have the ability to fight off the skin condition.

If You Suffer From Dandruff

White flakes on your shoulders are cool only if you are holidaying in a cold country and the white flakes are actually snowflakes. If the white flakes on your shoulders are due to dandruff, (a condition that happens when the skin on your scalp is not exfoliating properly and the dead skin that gets stuck on your scalp begins to flake off and itches), then consider a green tea formulated shampoo. The active compounds that are found inside green tea have been shown to keep fungus at bay. This means no more dry and itchy scalp and no embarrassing white flakes on your shoulders on a hot summer day.

If You Suffer From Acne

Acne-prone skin generally tends to experience inflammation. The natural antioxidants that are found in green tea have anti-inflammatory properties that will fight off the inflammation. That is why you can find many beauty brands incorporating the green tea compound into their ingredient mix.

If You Want To Reverse Your Age

Hands up if you want to look older than your age. Not surprising. Almost no one enjoys looking older than their actual age, and most people are usually on the look-out for products that promise to help them regain their youth or delay ageing. If you are looking for anti-ageing products, look no further than green tea products. The natural antioxidants in green tea can slow down the ageing process in your skin. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is the most abundant catechin found in tea, has the ability to revive your skin cells on the outermost surface of your skin. It can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots that are caused by free radical damage.

If You Want To Have An Oil-Free Appearance

Green tea contains tannins, which explains why green tea has a bitter, astringent taste to it. Tannins can help to minimise the appearance of pores on your skin surface and also control the sebum production on your face. Using skin care products with green tea in them means you get to enjoy a less oily complexion without having to use harsh drying products that may actually cause your sebum production to go into overdrive, and make your skin oilier than it is.

If You Want Natural Sun Protection

Drink one to two cups of green tea on a daily basis can reduce the inflammation caused by too much sun exposure. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which can protect your skin from being irritated. On top of ingesting the green tea, you may also choose to apply a topical product on your face and body.

If You Want A Clearer Skin Complexion

On top of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, green tea also has antimicrobial and astringent properties that can promote healthier skin by reducing acne and blackheads. Another way of using green tea to achieve a clearer skin complexion is to use green tea as a natural exfoliant scrub to eliminate the rough and dead skin cells on your skin surface.