7 Essential Style Tips For A Slimmer You

In order to look and feel like our best selves, eating right and working out are absolutely non-negotiable. Having said that, it really does not hurt to know that putting on the right outfit can take inches off your silhouette and even make you look 5 kg lighter. All that’s required is a few clever styling tips and tricks that will have you feeling good about how you look. Here are seven of them.


Use Quality Shapewear

First of all, investing in good underwear that is measured to fit you correctly is the key to looking and feeling good. Second, let us take it up a notch further with figure-boosting (and confidence-building) shapewear. We are not talking about stuffing you into corsets that literally take your breath away. The fact is modern technology has allowed for the creation and design of comfortable, breathable and effective shapewear that can help to hold you in as well as smooth out the lumps and bumps in all the typical offending areas, such as the hips, thighs and stomach regions. From seamless boyshorts that lift the derriere to full-body suits that minimize your belly bulge, there are myriad options out there just waiting for you to discover.


Find A Great Tailor

While it may sometimes be absolutely tempting to put on a baggy shirt, a pair of loose-fitting shorts or a shapeless sack of a dress to skim over all the areas that make you self-conscious, that oversized look can actually have the opposite effect, making you look larger than you actually are. Instead, wearing clothes that fit you properly is crucial to looking your best and also your slimmest. To that end, please go out and find yourself a great tailor; he or she is going to be your BFF (best friend forever) and will help to make sure your clothing is adjusted to flatter your figure!


Deck Out In Black

There is a reason that the LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must-have in any woman’s closet—any self-respecting fashion stylist, magazine editor or blogger will inform you that they flatter any and all body types. Black is well-known for its slimming effects and dressing head to toe in all-black is a sure way to instantly look 2kg lighter. If the idea to only wear black bores you, add some colour with a pretty necklace, a fun purse or slip on a sexy pair of red heels—the added height will slim your silhouette down even further!


Accentuate With Color

If being attired in black (and only black) just isn’t your style, there is no need to fret. You can mix-and-match your dark-coloured clothing with other fun hues. Use black or dark-blue to help camouflage any so-called problem areas (e.g., your hips and thighs), but pair it with a bright and fun-coloured top that accentuates the areas you do like, such as your decolletage and shoulders.

If your goal is to highlight your long and slender legs, feel free to go for colour on your pants and jeans or a skirt in a bold hue. Then match that with a tailored black jacket or sweater (a well-fitting one, of course) to slim down and draw attention away from the areas you are conscious about, such as the arms and midsection.


Rock A Pencil Skirt

Once again, tailored fits are the best option. A knee-length pencil skirt that skims (but does not hug) the hips are a wonderful way to take some inches off visually. A well-fitting, A-line skirt that ends just above the knees is also extremely flattering, helping to create a narrow-looking waistline.

Should curvy ladies be avoiding longer maxi skirts? Absolutely not—we can blow this common misconception right out of the water. The fact is a maxi skirt can help to create a long and lean line—just be sure to pick out a skirt with a narrower waistband, no pleats and that is one solid colour. Then pair it with a fitted top or blouse, and nice heels.


Go For A Smaller Print

A girl needs to have fun with her fashion and that means being able to play with prints as well. The same rules that apply to adding bold pops of colour also go for prints—add prints to the features that you are happy to accentuate and match them up with dark colours for the areas you want to downplay. Rather than go for massive and loud designs, opt for smaller ones instead as those will make you appear slimmer.


Pick a Long Cardigan

We have talked about how a well-fitting jacket will slim you. Note that those that are tapered will further help to shave inches off your waist while jackets that fall at the hip will create a flattering line. When it comes to cardigans, avoid cropped ones as well as those that stop short at the waist; they will visually shorten your body. Instead, invest in a well-fitting cardigan that is at least hip-length or longer as these serve to lengthen the torso area, making you appear slimmer.