7 Styles That Flatter A Plus-Size Figure

Whether you are a full-figured gal or a thin and lanky lady, the ultimate goal we should all aspire to when it comes to individual health and physical appearance is to eat right, exercise regularly and to look our personal best.

Be that as it may, there is absolutely nothing wrong with learning a few cool tips and tricks from fashion industry experts on how best to accentuate your figure. We can all use a little help every now and then!

Here are seven figure-flattering style options for the plus-size body that will have you stepping out the door with plenty of confidence. As they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”


Best In Black

This is a classic and it never gets old. The fact is that when it comes to creating a slimmer silhouette, black truly is best.

From black skinny jeans to black button-down shirts to the glorious LBD, grab a set of these as got-tos for your wardrobe. They work for a complete head-to-toe look or are great for matching with other separates in various fun shades and hues.


Dark Denim Are Divine

Denim is probably a staple in most of our closets. A classic denim jacket and a pair of jeans or shorts are all super comfy yet perennially in style. They are easy picks for a casual day out and can also be dressed up for cocktail hour with a chic blazer and some gold accessories.

For curvy girls who want to create a more streamlined silhouette, opt for denim in a dark wash. Lighter denim may highlight problem areas while dark denim does the opposite. Be careful with washes that have faded spots or are distressed as those may also draw unwanted attention to the hip area.

Finally, pick denim with some stretch in it to flatter a fuller figure.


Show Off Your Waist

Plus-sized ladies should not hide behind loose-fitting clothing. It may seem like a good idea to ‘hide’ your flaws in this way, but all you’re doing is making yourself look larger than you actually are.

Whatever the outfit, create a gorgeous hourglass effect by cinching in your waist. Flaunt your lovely curves by adding a slim belt to a pretty frock and go for clothing that nips in at the waist while lightly gliding over the remainder of your silhouette.


Dive Deep Into a V

In general, a V-neck top elongates the neckline and draws attention to the decolletage. It is immensely flattering and alluring for the full-figured woman, without going overboard.

In addition, it creates a slimming effect by drawing attention away from the hips and thighs and up to your best assets. Work a button-down shirt in a similar way, creating a V-shape by leaving the top couple of buttons undone.


Rock An A-Line Skirt

If you belong to the pear-shaped body type, A-line skirts are a definite must-have as your wardrobe staple. A-line skirts can quickly turn a pear into an hourglass shape because it cinches you in at your midsection while skimming over the hips and thighs only to end just below the knee. It also allows you to show off your silky-smooth lower limbs.

It’s also important to then enhance your top half by tucking in a sexy white shirt or a beautiful blouse to create an appealing proportion between the top and bottom.


A Tailored Fit Matters

As we’ve briefly mentioned before, it may be tempting to choose loose, oversized or boxy clothing in an attempt to hide the areas that you perceive as flawed. However, it is actually much more flattering for curvy girls to go for form-fitting clothing that serves to accentuate your best assets rather than go for a shapeless style that covers up not only the bad, but the good as well.

By that, we don’t mean skin-tight clothing that hugs every curve and every fold—in fact, you will also want to avoid that. What we are talking about is finding well-tailored pieces that skim over your problem areas while drawing the eye to the areas that you love. Single button jackets (not double-breasted) that are well-structured and cinch at the waist, fitted button-down shirts and straight-leg pants are all great work options that exude power and femininity.


Shapewear For The Win

For women, shapewear may be the best invention since sliced bread. Shapewear is great for ladies of all shapes and sizes but it is truly a godsend for us fuller-figured ladies. First, it’s important to not look at shapewear as something you squeeze into just to make you look half your size. Nope. The reason for shapewear is to smooth things out, reducing the bumps and lumps that can result from some ill-fitting underwear, for instance.

With good quality shapewear, you’ll have created a smooth silhouette as a base. Choose from high-waisted biker shorts, full-on body suits and great-fitting brassieres. With these as a foundation, you’ll be able to wear all the figure-flattering styles with complete confidence.