7 Worst Outfits To Wear To The Office

Figuring out what to wear at work can be a real challenge. Your own personal tastes aside, some outfits rarely have any place in most offices. Although more companies grant their employees some level of freedom when it comes to dress code, certain looks may still send all the wrong messages. The wrong outfits may end up adversely influencing other people’s impression of your work ethic or overall attitude. Other options are so impractical, that they may end up compromising on comfort far too much — to your own detriment. What, then, are some of these office style no-no’s? How can we avoid such mishaps at the office?


A Pair Of White Trousers

Chances are, you’ve probably seen this style advice before. A pair of well-tailored white trousers may look really cool and sleek when paired with the right top, but they’re way too impractical. Clothes cut primarily from white fabrics are generally much more high-maintenance but a pair of white trousers, in particular, is an accident just waiting to happen. Nobody wants to worry about stains when we’re busy trying to fill our work quota and perform our best at the office. Avoid this one at all costs unless you’re absolutely confident of avoiding accidental stains.


White 100% Cotton Shirts (If You’re Busy)

Cotton is perhaps the most breathable yet affordable material to wear, making them particularly ideal for warmer climates. Even if you do work mostly in an air-conditioned office, you do want to remain comfortable whenever you have to step outside. However, as comfortable as they may be, shirts made from 100% cotton are almost always extremely hard to iron and maintain. You would have to use plenty of steam and set your iron at the cotton setting to ensure that the fabric remains flat and in place. However, even if you somehow have the time and patience to ensure that your shirt looks neat, they still crease easily throughout the length of the day. Your best bet would be shirts that are made from cotton blends, instead.


Cut Out Dresses

This is an office you’re going to — not a party. Few workplaces out there would ever condone wearing cut out dresses. Even CEOs from fashion corporations that typically welcome more creativity tend to be wary of allowing employees to wear these dresses. This is especially true if their job scope involves plenty of engagement with clients. More often than not, cut out dresses don’t look professional, making you appear less credible and reducing your chances of success at these meetings. As pretty as they may be, leave those dresses solely for a fun night out with your friends or a romantic dinner date.


Age-Inappropriate Outfits

You should always wear clothes that are flattering — age-inappropriate outfits just aren’t it. If you think an outfit looks like something the teenage version of you would like to wear, then chances are, it’s not going to be work-appropriate unless you’ve always had a classical sense of style. Leather skirts at the office? No. Leather jackets? No, absolutely not. On top of that, dressing far too young may also end up highlighting all the wrong features on your face, such as the sallowness of your skin or the imperfections of your figure. Donate those clothes to charity, post-haste, or find other occasions to wear them.


Outfits That Compromise Too Much On Comfort

Dressing comfortably is just as important as appearing professional. People can usually tell whenever you don’t feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, which can adversely affect their opinion of you. Even if they don’t care, it may still affect your overall productivity at work, which is worse. Steer clear of such outfits, even if they appear to fit your office dress code, if they make you feel stiff and uncomfortable. Feeling less than confident in that one dress because it emphasises on your post-lunch bulge? Don’t wear it anymore. It’s as simple as that.


Poorly Tailored Outfits

Not only do outfits that don’t suit your frame tend to feel extremely uncomfortable, but they can also make you look extremely sloppy. If you can afford one, try investing in a bespoke suit. You can never go wrong with a good set of those, and they’re not just for men either. Women who wear bespoke suits often lend a powerful air to their appearance  — a power suit, if you will. The best suits always make their wearers look extremely professional while never compromising on comfort.


Anything Way Too Short

Everyone loves a good mini skirt — it makes the wearer look sexy and they’re obviously airy, making them particularly great to wear in warmer climates. Unfortunately, they just don’t belong in most offices. Besides looking completely unprofessional, they’re also very impractical and a little uncomfortable to wear, especially if your job involves a lot of sitting down. Keep this one at home until you’ve found yourself a hot date.