8 Fashion Rules For Plus-Size Girls

When it comes to fashion rules, there are a few, standard classics: black is slimming; avoid big bold prints if you are petite; v-necks are universally flattering. That sort of thing.

If you are a plus-sized gal, there is a whole other list of fashion dos and don’ts to contend with as well. But some of these rules are, shall we say, a little outdated. In fact, it might be safe to say that in the twenty-first century, it is more about breaking with convention than sticking to them.

On that note, let us check out 8 new fashion rules for full-figured girls that spell fun, flair and full-on confidence!


Colour Me Happy

Repeat after me: White can be flattering for plus-size ladies. So you don’t need to only be decked in black in order to look slimmer.

What really matters is making sure that the clothing fits right. A well-tailored or nice-fitting white jeans or dress is an absolute Do. Pick materials with a hint of stretch and that provide support, avoiding thin fabric and ill-fitting clothing that will only highlight lumps and bumps.

As with white, curvy girls should not have to rein in when it comes to colour. You can have any colour of the spectrum in your wardrobe as long as they are flattering to your skin tone and hair colour. If you’re skittish about introducing colour into your wardrobe, start small by injecting colour via your accessories—shoes, scarves, jewellery, handbags.

While you are at it, feel free to experiment with prints as well, making sure to pick ones that are in proportion to your body.


Shirts Are Curve-Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, shirts are a major Do. The right cut can absolutely complement a full figure. Pick one that has some stretch and which has elements that enhance your midsection, such as a wrap or a ruching detail. Leave the top few buttons open and create a nice V-neckline to further elongate your neck, create a slimmer looking jawline, and a more slender silhouette. Pair the shirt with a nice blazer or cardigan to further lengthen and slim the waist.


Mix And Match Fabrics

Are you a fan of the monochrome look? Yes, dressing in one colour from head-to-toe can create a continuous lean line but it’s important to know what pieces go well together; the wrong combination could make you look unkempt and untidy.

Avoid wearing the same fabric for your top and bottom. Instead, create some interest and dimension by using a different textured material. In addition, you can shake things up a little with a scarf or necklace in a fun pop of colour. A major DON’T when it comes to monochrome style: one colour you should avoid is a nude tone that’s the exact same colour of your skin.


Stripes Are a Go

Horizontal stripes have long been decried as a fashion DON’T for full-figured ladies as it is said to make you look a lot wider than you actually are. But stripes are a much-maligned group.

Sure, maybe you should give the thicker and bolder horizontal stripes a miss. But you should not be nixing this fun print altogether. Thin bands, for instance, are perfectly okay, and some might argue are even downright flattering. Even better, choose tops with lighter-coloured bands that are set to a darker background for a more attractive look.

When the straps are angled the right way, asymmetrical stripes are another style option that can actually create the illusion of a slimmer you.


Have Fun With Trends

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the season’s latest trends. The old rules of sticking to the basics no longer apply. Keen to slip on a patterned jumpsuit? Florals and geometric prints are in and team it with a pair of wedges for a totally on-trend look.

If you’re interested to try the crop top look, choose one that’s cut a little bit longer and wear it together with a pencil skirt with a high waist.


Empire Waist Does Not Fit All

When those fun frocks with empire waists first hit the stores, they were lauded as one of the best ways for fuller-figured ladies to look inches slimmer instantly.

The empire waist does indeed raise the waistline and help to draw attention up to the neckline and decolletage, which is incredibly flattering for those ladies who have a smaller bustline and who have more junk in the trunk, so to speak.

However, this look doesn’t necessarily work for women who have a more generous bustline and who hold excess weight in the midsection—you could actually wind up looking like you are in the family way.


Wear Clothing That Fits

Is bigger better? In some cases, definitely, but not when it comes to clothing. When you wear oversized clothing with the purpose of covering up your supposed flaws, all you are doing is bulking yourself up, making yourself look larger and probably sloppier as well.

So drop those old-fashioned ideas. Instead, flaunt your curves and hide your problem areas with fabrics that have just the right amount of stretch so that your clothes skim but don’t cling.


Ruffle Your Feathers!

Are you afraid that some ruffles on your top are too much, know that pretty and interesting details in the right places is a total fashion Do. For instance, an asymmetrical line of ruffles strategically placed on a skirt is fun and elongates your silhouette. When you do go with a billowy blouse, strike a balance for that volume with a pair of slim ankle pants.