8 Nifty Everyday Uses for Lip Balm

Lip balm is an amazing salve for chapped or peeling lips. It is also relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and usually comes in a very compact package that is convenient to carry around. What’s not to love about lip balm? And that is before learning the many other terrific ways lip balm can be used that are not listed in its official job description.

By the time you are done reading, you may just feel the urge to drop by your nearest pharmacy or convenience store to pick up a stash of lip balm for your purse, your car, your home and even for your parents, in the event of life’s unexpected (mini) emergencies! (Side note: For hygiene reasons, do reserve a few different lip balms for different purposes.)


Soothe Sore Noses

Some of the ingredients that are typically found in lip balms are beeswax, camphor, lanolin, petrolatum and paraffin. These are not just great for soothing chapped lips, they can also be safely applied on dry and raw skin that’s been bruised by the repeated blowing and wiping of your nose due to the common cold or seasonal allergies. The relief is immediate and palpable.


Prevent Dye Stains

Colouring your hair at home with D-I-Y hair dye can sometimes be a truly messy affair. The last thing you want is to have perfectly dyed chestnut-brown locks, only to discover that you have stained your forehead an unattractive shade of mud. But that unfortunate scenario could have easily been prevented if you had the presence of mind to have lip balm on hand. All you need to do is apply a generous layer of lip balm all around the hairline. The balm serves as a protective barrier that keeps the dye from settling into your skin.


Tame Your Locks

Have flyaway hairs got you in a tizzy? You may be surprised by how easy a fix it can be (and it doesn’t involve pricey, brand-name sprays or serums). You’ve guessed it — just dab a little balm onto fingers and gently run it over the flyaway strands to guide them back in place. Remember: a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it or you may end up with greasy hair — a whole other problem!


Subdue Your Bushy Brows

Now that you have sorted the unruly hairs on your head, let’s address the ones on your brows! Rub a little lip balm onto your finger and brush them onto your brows in an upward motion, in the direction of hair growth. You can also use a new and clean toothbrush to help smooth the brow hairs into place.


Stem the Bleed

Nicked while shaving? (Ouch! Been there.) Did you know that you can arrest the bleeding by simply applying a little lip balm right onto the cut? It is easy as 1-2-3.


Smoothen Your Zipper Action

Ever have the annoying problem where you buy a brand new handbag or dress only to find that it had a zipper that was constantly getting stuck? Good news; there is no need for you to come undone. It’s lip balm to the rescue; just swipe a bit of balm over the teeth of the zipper, right on the offending areas where it typically gets stuck. The added lubrication will ensure the zipper’s smooth glide.


Remove Stubborn Labels

This may be my personal favourite. How many times have you been absolutely defeated by a sticker label that is impossible to remove, and that leaves behind an annoying, sticky and unattractive residue on your brand new purchase? Apparently, applying a good amount of lip balm on the residue will help release those vexatious dregs. All you need to do is wipe the lip balm and the residue off after about 10 minutes! How amazing is that?


Do Double-Duty (and More) with a Tinted Version

A tinted lip balm has all the same amazing benefits of a lip balm — just with added colour. If you deal with puffy eyes and dark circles, you may have already heard that using red- or orange-hued lipsticks can help to colour-correct and conceal dark undereye circles. But have you thought about using tinted lip balm instead? Not only can it do the trick, but lip balm is also a less dense (and therefore more comfortable) alternative to lipstick, and has the added benefit of moisturizing the skin.

In addition, a tinted lip balm may be cosmetic’s answer to a magic wand. Picture this: You’ve been out all day and need to spruce up a little for some last-minute dinner plans but all you have is tinted balm in your purse — well, thank your lucky stars. First, dab some tinted balm onto your cheekbones for an instant glow and dewy skin to boot. Next, create a little eyeshadow action by swiping some balm over your eyelids. Finally, don’t forget to apply them to your smackers. It’s what they were designed to do, after all!