8 Quick Fixes To Look Your Best

Bringing out your best self undoubtedly takes a great deal of effort, but it all comes down self-care. This means being more attentive to important aspects like your lifestyle choices, diet, and skincare regime. Here are 8 quick tips to help look good without the use of invasive procedures and nail that first impression!


Pick Out The Right Colours

Choosing the right shades that complement your skin tone can be a very confusing task, especially when you want the hues to accentuate — not overpower – your overall look. From makeup to clothing and accessories, it is always a good idea to opt for colours that work with your complexion. If your skin tone is generally on the pale and light side, do not be afraid to go for bold, vibrant colours that will add some colour to your look. As for individuals with medium to dark skin tones, enhance your complexion with pastel shades and strong, dark colours.


Maintain Dental Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is the best way to keep those pearly whites looking sparkly. Schedule a dental appointment once every 6 months and brush your teeth at least twice a day for a healthier, beautiful smile. Do not forget to floss and opt for a gentle yet firm toothbrush to ensure optimal dental care. Besides, keeping your teeth clean and in good condition can help to enhance your confidence!


Wear Your Confidence Proud

Confidence can certainly boost your attractiveness to a whole new level, so wear it with pride and do not let your insecurities get you down. Start with your posture and body language by standing with legs slightly apart and keeping your back straight. Doing so can help you feel more empowered and self-assured in no time. Also, confidence can make people feel drawn to you as they are more likely to trust and engage with you. Thus, maintaining normal eye contact and an open body language (keep those arms unfolded!) will allow you to seem more open to conversations.


Keep Stress Levels At A Minimum

Stress can really do a number on your health and overall appearance. For starters, being under a lot of pressure can lead to hair loss, breakouts or even cause skin conditions to worsen. Although stress can be inevitable in our day to day lives, it does not hurt to learn how to manage it well. Taking up different hobbies like exercising or meditation and saying yes to plans are some of the ways that you could relax and unwind or channel all your stress into positive energy.


Get Your Beauty Rest

A good night’s sleep is the best way to repair your skin and look good. Pulling frequent all-nighters can induce those unsightly dark, puffy under-eye circles and eventually lead to a breakdown in collagen production. Having enough sleep will do wonders for your visage and health in the long run as it is a time for your body to renew itself after a long day. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, try to put away electronic devices an hour before you go to bed and treat yourself to a gentle massage with aromatherapy-infused oils or lotions that will guarantee the best sleep you will ever have.


Add Volume To Your Tresses

Add a wow-factor to your locks by giving it a little more dimension. You could give yourself some romantic waves or bombshell curls using either a curling iron or some hot rollers for that extra oomph in your daily look. Or if you would like to achieve volume without the compromising on the health of your hair, simply spritz your locks with water, then twist and tie up hair into small buns before blow-drying it to let the heat set your curls in place. Remove the hair ties after an hour, lightly brush it out, and finish off with either hair oil or hairspray to ensure that your tresses look flawless all day.


Eat Clean

Have you ever heard of the saying: you are what you eat? This is incredibly true because what you consume can reflect on your overall health and appearance in the long run. Moreover, maintaining a healthy diet is essential to get those nutrients that our bodies require. Putting an end to regular fast food meals and other oily or excessively sweet food items can make a big change in your health. Your body will thank you when you make the switch from junk food to vitamin-rich superfoods and low-carb delights as doing so will give your body a total health boost and help you keep fit.


Focus On The Positive Things

Aiming to be a happier person and surrounding yourself with the things that make you happy will allow you to radiate positivity, which is an attractive trait to have. Be it listening to your favourite jams, taking a day to visit museums, or going on a short hike — doing the things that you genuinely enjoy will allow you to unwind as well as ward off stress and all the effects it has on you.