8 Tricks to Protect Your Hair from the Pool

Ready for that well-deserved beach holiday that you have been waiting for? There are just a couple of things that you need to take note of before you soak up all that sun and lounge by the pool. Just like how you slather on sunscreen to protect your precious visage from the harmful rays of the sun, you need to show your hair some extra love too!

While we are on that note, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours for that lasting protection if you intend to stay out in the sun all day. Similar to unwanted sun spots that come with incorrect sunscreen usage, it is essential to protect your hair from chlorine and other environmental aggressors. After all, you would definitely want to have gorgeous tresses to complement a smooth and clear complexion, especially on your resort retreat. But we’ve got your back: here are 8 easy tricks to keep your locks looking healthy and smooth, even after dipping in a chlorine-infused pool and basking in the merciless afternoon sun.


Rinse And Repeat

To keep damaging aggressors such as chlorine and salt at bay, remember to rinse your hair with a quick shower before you head into the pool or sea. By coating and saturating your locks with water, a lesser amount of chlorine and salt from the pool and seawater will be absorbed into the fibres of your hair. Once each fibre is filled with moisture, it would keep most of the chlorine out of your tresses. Remember to do the same after exiting the pool too! Rid your hair of all the residual traces of salt and chlorine by taking another rinse. Doing so will help to prevent against unwanted split ends as well as dry tresses, and you certainly don’t want to let that nasty chlorine sit in your hair all day.


UV Protection Is Key

Spending time outdoors can be relaxing, but it is always vital to put on UV protection while you are at it. Sun damage doesn’t only affect the skin, but the hair too. A common mistake that we have all been guilty of committing is neglecting our poor tresses when it comes to UV protection. This is especially important for individuals with coloured hair as UV rays can severely lighten and damage a perfect dye job. So, if you don’t want to put your money (and time spent sitting in the salon) to waste, you should totally invest in hair care products that offer total UV protection. Besides, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to dry and brittle hair that is prone to split ends, thinning and frizziness.


Put A Cap On

If you swim often, you might want to invest in a swimming cap. It may not be the best choice when it comes to how it looks aesthetically, but it does the job well. Putting on a swimming cap can help to effectively protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorinated water and prevent tangles as you finish your laps. If you are heading to the beach, however, you might want to put your tresses up in an updo to minimise damage and still look cute for that Instagram shot by the beach.


Condition Your Tresses

A day out at the pool or beach can actually dehydrate your hair, especially if you haven’t been caring for your tresses with nourishing products on a regular basis. That said, you will have to restore your locks’ natural nutrients and oils with some hair masks, oils, and leave-in conditioners to bring back that smooth glow. Besides, such nourishing hair care essentials also work magic for your possibly sunburnt scalp and provides the hydrating relief that it deserves.


Smooth It Out With Coconut Oil

To protect and nourish your tresses, it is also recommended to slather on an adequate amount of coconut oil on your hair shafts to create a resistant layer of protection against chlorine and other environmental aggressors. Doing so can help you to minimise chlorine damage and smooth out your locks at the same time. However, you might want to put on a swimming cap or put it up in a bun if you are heading to a public pool for hygienic purposes.


Don’t Forget Your Scalp

Like the neck when it comes to skincare, the scalp is usually left forgotten and unprotected when it comes to hair care. Do keep in mind that caring for your scalp will help you to achieve a gorgeous, healthy head of hair, so it is definitely high time to invest in some scalp care essentials!


Try Not To Shampoo Too Much

If you are guilty of shampooing your hair twice a day, you might want to cut back on doing so. Since the natural oils of your hair help to prevent against sun damage, lathering up frequently can strip the scalp of the moisture and protection it needs. Instead, opt for dry shampoo from time to time, so as to not compromise on the health of your hair.


Indulge In Aftercare

Giving your hair some aftercare TLC is key to eliminate the damaging effects of chlorine and UV rays. Chlorine can actually reduce hair shine, rough up your hair cuticles and dry it out a lot. Having established that, you would definitely want to put on a hair mask or two after a day out at the pool or beach to keep your locks looking healthy and soft. Besides, regularly caring for your hair and scalp goes a long way in preventing lacklustre-looking tresses and split ends.