Anti-Ageing Foods For Your Body

There are several factors that influence the ageing process of an average person. Regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, adhering to a good skincare regimen and adopting a well-balanced diet are all factors that will affect how well you will age. However, there is another factor that plays a large role in the way we look and feel. Our diet, depending on the types of food we consume, impacts not just the health of our body, but it also nourishes our skin.


Anti-Ageing Foods


The sweet and succulent pineapple is touted for safeguarding the skin and the entire body from the effects of ageing. Increasing your intake of this fruit will give your complexion a much-needed boost. Studies have shown that pineapples are one of the best anti-ageing foods out there. They contain an abundance of nutrients including vitamin B, magnesium, fibre, vitamin c, testosterone, and phosphorous. All of these nutrients work together to support and sustain the brain, heart, colon, bones, lungs and the immune system. Drinking pineapple juice will aid in the synthesis of collagen, which will, in turn, will skin to be elastic and taut. At the same time, pineapple juice has been renowned for improving hydration levels and aids in cell renewal by removing dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin.

Lemon and Lime Water

Whether you are looking to delay the onset of wrinkles and fine lines or simply trying to brighten your skin, drinking lemon or lime water will go a long way to give you a flawless and youthful complexion. According to studies, drinking the water enriched with vitamin C from lemon/lime diminishes the appearance of dull skin and wrinkles in middle-aged women. All you need is to infuse your daily drinking water with a few slices of lemon. Besides keeping you looking way younger than your age, drinking lemon juice with water has been said to maintain the pH balance of the body. The vitamin C in lemons are also steeped in magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. If you are looking to lose some weight, try drinking some lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach to increase your metabolic rate.


Another fruit that contributes to the collagen production in the skin is the orange. Oranges contain collagen, which is responsible for providing the skin with structure and strengthening bones. Consuming more oranges will your skin looking youthful and elastic. Moreover, oranges are high in vitamin C, which has the ability to support the immune system. This essentially means that it defends the body from various infections and viruses. Apart from keeping you healthy, the natural oils in oranges keep the skin moisturised and contribute to a healthier looking skin for longer. Additionally, oranges contain antioxidants that combat free radicals and delay the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of premature ageing on your skin and organs. Interestingly enough, the peel of the orange is said to have a relatively higher content of vitamin C compared to the fruit itself. If you want a healthy glow, grind some orange peel and turn it into a body scrub. Adding this to your beauty regimen will surely turn heads the next time you leave the house.


High in water content, watermelons are comprised of 98 percent water. In addition to its hydrating properties, watermelon has adequate amounts of vitamin A, C, magnesium, potassium and other important nutrients for the body. Apart from nourishing your body with a good boost of nutrients, watermelons are also shown to lower blood pressure. Research has shown that watermelon extract supplements aid obese adults to manage their blood pressure. According to studies, there are also phytochemicals in watermelon called lycopene, which is responsible for protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that may cause sun damage.


Olives provide the body with an abundant source of polyphenols and phytonutrients. These components go a long way in protecting the DNA and providing the body with more energy. Phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring plant chemicals, are known to have different functions in the body. Consuming foods high in phytochemicals have been proven to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, prevent DNA damage, reduce oxidative damage to cells, delay the growth of cancer cells, and aid in the regulation of hormones in the body. However, do note that these beneficial nutrients can only be found in fresh olives as the ones that are canned are typically lose these nutrients during the pitting and canning process.


The Bottom Line

There are a variety of foods you can include in your diet to ensure that you age gracefully. At the same time, these foods will also prevent premature ageing and delay the onset of age-related skin issues such as sagging skin, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to note that other factors such as getting enough sleep per night and adopting a healthy and active lifestyle go hand-in-hand in contributing to a youthful body and mind.