Are Jackfruits the Jack of All Trades?

Being in tropical Singapore, we have been blessed with plenty of fruits that serve as a solid treat especially when the weather is a touch uncomfortable. Unlike countries in the West, we get an all-year-round supply of fruits like coconuts, papayas, guava, dragon fruit and of course, jackfruits. More than just an exotic wonder, jackfruits are starting to get a name for itself for being one of the most nutritious and tasty fruits at the fruit stand. Read on to find out why we should start buying into jackfruits and discover why chefs are using jackfruits as meat-replacements in their fine cuisine.


What Are Jackfruits?

For those who don’t shop for fruits often, you might miss out on jackfruits since they have a rather ordinary exterior. Other than its size, which can reach extreme sizes of up to 35 kg in weight, jackfruits have a green or yellow spiky exterior that some might confuse with durians. Even though they have yellow fleshy bits on the inside and are known to smell a little funky to those who have never experienced the fruit, durians and jackfruits are two distinctly different fruits with their own unique texture. It is rather hard to nail down the exact taste of jackfruits and the closest that I could do to describe it would be sweet and fruity (although others might disagree and describe jackfruits as a mix of fruits like apples, mangoes and pineapples).

What is most interesting about jackfruits is that they have been used as a replacement for meat due to its extraordinary texture that resembles shredded meat. This is great for chefs as vegan and vegetarian restaurants who have been racking their minds to find new and inventive ways to add a bedazzling touch to mock meat. As of now, it is not uncommon to go into restaurants and discover jackfruit being utilised smartly in dishes like desserts and even with curry.


Benefits Of Jackfruits

Jackfruits are known to be sweet, tasty and a lot of creative fun when used in the kitchen. Aside from that, jackfruits have this other health-boosting side that is unknown to the majority of Singaporeans. Read on to discover the many health benefits that jackfruits have.

Jackfruits Protect Your Skin

Because of how much nutrients and antioxidants that jackfruits contain, you can bet that just a serving of jackfruits a day would radically improve your skin health. The antioxidant of vitamin C alone would give you a brighter skin complexion and help to even out your skin tone. Not to mention, those little worry lines and wrinkles that keep you up at night would start to disappear due to the anti-aging effects of vitamin C. On the other hand, the vitamin B in jackfruit does its job in the rebuilding of your skin cells.

Jackfruits Help With Weight Loss

Who would have thought that the yellow flesh of jackfruit could aid you on your weight-loss journey? This is due to the amount of soluble and insoluble fibre that jackfruit has and it helps with your digestion. Since fibre supports a smoother bowel movement, you are assured of a smoother digestive process and that would help you flush out all the toxins in your body efficiently. Deep within jackfruit is the antioxidant, resveratrol, and it has been found to help you fit into your old jeans from years ago since it helps boost our insulin sensitivity. Not only that, jackfruits are great as a metabolism booster and you will find yourself burning more fats and calories once you include jackfruit into your day.

Jackfruits Build Up Your Immune System

Who doesn’t love fruits that build up your immune system? If you are the sort who is always catching your colleagues off-guard with your sudden sneezes and coughs, your immune system is in need of some help. In particular, it is the vitamin C and vitamin A in jackfruits that would help you on your way to keeping the doctor away. But in jackfruit, you will also find these naturally occurring proteins called lectins that would help stave away and cure your viral infections.

Jackfruits Are Good For Your Heart

After this, you are going to start thinking jackfruits are heaven-sent. Doctors have constantly reminded us of the need for potassium since it helps maintain the balanced regulation of sodium levels in our body. If we don’t do anything about our potassium intake, we might be putting unnecessary stress on our arteries and heart. Potassium is also responsible for ensuring muscle function in our heart for our heart and circulatory system to continuously work for us 24/7. In addition, potassium is also what helps us control our blood pressure to reduce the likelihood of heart-related problems. Since jackfruit are a great source for potassium, we (that’s our heart and us) can count our blessings with this magical fruit.